Re: Intellectual history of types

> I'm looking for a good overview of the roles played by notions of type in
> logic, philosophy, and science in this century.  

I meant, of course, "in the last 100 years or so"...  Thanks to the many
people that pointed this out!

    -- B

Here's one more technical reply, from Gerard Huet, with some pointers
that may be of interest to others (I'll summarize any other replies that
I get):

> I am not sure such an ambitious survey exists at this point. 
> Among my modest attempt at a historical perspective, you may be interested
> to have a look at my short introduction to part 3 of "Logical Foundations
> of Functional Programming", ed G Huet Addison Wesley 1990. In the same
> volume I also give a uniform presentation of type theory, pp 337 to 397, a
> condensed presentation of my course at CMU; the article by Thierry Coquand
> on the analogy between propositions and types is also relevant I believe. I
> do not know if this book is easy to get, nowadays, but Andre Scedrov must
> have a copy, since he contributed.
> Cheers
> Gerard
> PS Seldin has a very extensive bibliography on types. You should also lok
> up the Curry volume.
> You may be interested to know that I stumbled on the topic back in 1970
> when I read Curry&Feys vol I, which was such an intriguing material that I
> could not make up my mind if it was philosophy or maths !