PLT is moving

Dear friends and colleagues in the programming languages 
 and functional programming community -- 

The Rice portion of the Programming Languages Team (PLT) is relocating to


where I have accepted a new position.

I will form a programming languages and software systems lab with 
Will Clinger, Karl Lieberherr, David Lorenz, Paul Steckler, Mitch Wand. 
Together, we will create a new PhD concentration in this research area with
a full spectrum of courses and research topics, including

 programming language design and types
 compilers and run-time environments 
 programming environments, program analyses, software tools 
 OO design, analysis; aspect-oriented program design
 software systems in high-level languages
Please re-direct promising PhD applicants to the new lab in Boston. 

The move will happen over the summer 2001. DrScheme and friends will move
with us though the Web will make this move (mostly) transparent.

Regards -- Matthias Felleisen