List of online PL theory texts

I have been gathering a small but growing list of online programming language
theory reference texts at:


These are mostly links to books that have gone out of print, and/or whose
authors have been generous enough to make their work freely available. The
topics currently include programming language theory, semantics, proof theory,
parsing and compiler construction.

This list is intended not only as a service to PL researchers, but also to
interested members of other communities, particularly programmers without a
formal research background whose interest in theoretical topics has been
stimulated by (for example) exposure to modern programming languages such as
Haskell, ML, Scheme and Mercury. I was once a member of the latter group, and
I remember being frustrated by the difficulty of obtaining accessible but
rigorous reference texts, without paying hundreds of dollars at the bookstore.

Therefore, this list is focused on the central topics of PL theory and
semantics, and aimed at a broad, beginning graduate-level audience with the
inclination and drive to self-start their own studies. (But I will not turn
away submissions on more peripheral topics, provided they are relatively

Please take a look, and if you know of any other candidates for addition to
this list, or have any other suggestions, contact me! (Or if you object to my
linking one of your own texts, or the way in which I linked it, let me know.)

Some topics currently unaccounted for include: concurrency and process
algebra, recursion theory, logic programming languages and automated

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