UNIF'01: 2nd Call for Abstracts/Participation

                  2nd Call for Abstracts/Participation
                              UNIF 2001
               15th International Workshop on Unification
                           June 18-19, 2001
                            Siena,  Italy
                          Part of IJCAR 2001

UNIF is the main international meeting on unification. Unification
is concerned with the problem of identifying given terms, either 
syntactically or modulo a given logical theory. Syntactic unification
is the basic operation of most automated reasoning systems, and 
unification modulo theories can be used, for instance, to build in 
special equational theories into theorem provers. 

The main purpose of UNIF is to bring together people interested in 
unification, present recent (even unfinished) work, and discuss new 
ideas and trends in unification and related fields. In particular, it
is intended to offer a good opportunity for young researchers and 
researchers working in related areas to get an overview of the current
state of the art in unification theory and get in contact with the 
experts in the field.

UNIF 2001 will be held in June 2001 in Siena, Italy in the context of 
IJCAR 2001, the International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning

The meeting will include short (15 minute) and long (30 minute) talks,
invited talks, panel discussions, and social time to discuss current 
topics of interest, which include (but are not limited to): 

   o  General E-unification and Calculi 
   o  Special Unification Algorithms
   o  Matching 
   o  Narrowing 
   o  Higher-Order Unification 
   o  Combination problems 
   o  Disunification 
   o  Typed Unification 
   o  Constraint Solving 
   o  Unification Calculi 
   o  Applications 
   o  Implementations 
   o  Type Checking and Reconstruction 
   o  Unification-Based approaches to Grammar 
   o  Applications
   o  Implementations 

Anyone interested in participating to UNIF 2001, should send an email
message to unif2001@cs.uiowa.edu by Apr 15 2001, indicating their full 
name and address and whether they intend to give a talk. 

Those interested in giving a talk should also submit an extended
abstract (2-4 pages) and specify whether the talk will be a short or a
long one.  Notification of acceptance will be sent by Apr 30. The
final version of the extended abstract must be submitted by May 15,

Submissions Details
The abstract should be written in LaTeX2e with the following settings:
11pt, one column, a4paper and standard margins. 

What to submit:
1. A postscript version of the abstract 
2. A single file containing the LaTeX2e source of the abstract 
   together with all the non-standard macros used in it. 
Both files above should be submitted by email, preferably as MIME 

Where to submit: unif2001@cs.uiowa.edu

All UNIF participants must register to IJCAR. Please refer to the 
IJCAR web page for registration instructions and deadlines.

Junior Researcher Travel Award
Thanks to the support of the National Science Foundation, the UNIF
2001 organizing committee offers a number of travel awards. The award
is intended to cover much of the expenses for up to four university
students or post-docs working in the field of unification. The
committee will favorably consider applicants who will be playing an
active role at the workshop by giving a talk. Preference will be given
to applicants from a United States institution, but applications from
deserving young researchers in other countries will be considered as

For details please see http://goedel.cs.uiowa.edu/unif2001/cfa.txt

Franz Baader   (RWTH Aachen, Germany) 
Volker Diekert (Universit"at Stuttgart, Germany) 
Cesare Tinelli (University of Iowa, USA) 
Ralf Treinen   (Universite' Paris-Sud, France) 

Invited Speakers
Claudio Gutierrez  (Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile)
Paliath Narendran  (SUNY at Albany, USA)
Andrei Voronkov    (University of Manchester, UK)

Important Dates
Submissions:                Apr 15, 2001
Travel Award Applications:  Apr 15, 2001
Notification:               Apr 30, 2001
Travel Award Notification:  Apr 30, 2001
Final Versions:             May 15, 2001
Early Registration:         [to be announced]
UNIF 2001:                  Jun 18-19, 2001
IJCAR 2001:                 Jun 20-23, 2001

For further information, please visit the UNIF 2001 web site at

Ralf Treinen,      L.R.I. Bât. 490,     Université Paris-Sud,
F91405 Orsay cedex, France.        http://www.lri.fr/~treinen