STRATEGIES 2001 (last cfp - ext. deadline: April 11, 2001)

*****         LAST CALL FOR PAPERS AND PARTICIPATION            *****
*****            EXTENDED DEADLINE: APRIL 11, 2001              *****

  4th International Workshop on Strategies in Automated Deduction
                         (STRATEGIES 2001)

                www: http://www.logic.at/strategies01/

                 held in conjunction with IJCAR 2001

                 in Siena, Italy, June 18 or 19, 2001


Strategies are almost ubiquitous in automated deduction and reasoning  
systems, yet only recently have they been studied in their own
right. The workshop aims at making progress towards a deeper
understanding of the nature of strategies and search plans, their
description, properties, and usage, especially, but not exclusively,
in theorem proving and model building. It provides a common forum for
researchers working on all aspects of strategies, under different
terminologies and in various domains. The workshop continues and
focuses the efforts of three previous workshops held in conjunction
with CADE-14 (1997), CADE-15 (1998), and FLoC'99, as well as of a
special issue of the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
on Strategies in Automated Deduction that is currently in print. 

In view of the increasing importance of strategies in complex
automated reasoning systems, we would like to offer again this forum
at IJCAR 2001, for an active exchange of ideas among researchers, and
the presentation of recent work on and progress in strategy-related
topics. IJCAR 2001 will provide an ideal context to achieve further
progress and stimulate discussion in the field. We expect that the
broad scientific scope of IJCAR (replacing CADE, FTP and TABLEAUX)
will have synergetic effects for the workshop. 


Topics of interest for the workshop include all aspects related to
strategies in automated deduction. The emphasis of the next 
workshop will be on 

- theory and analysis of strategies (e.g., formal approaches for
  abstract representation and comparison of theorem proving strategies
  and their behavior, terminological foundations),
- strategies in (existing) theorem proving systems (e.g.,
  representation and implementation of the proof search model, 
  integration of strategies into this model, flexibility,
  programmability, transparency, role of the user),  
- strategy languages (e.g., adequacy for certain purposes, theoretical
  foundations, practical usefulness, comparison with other approaches,
  applications), and 
- applications and case studies in which strategies play a major role. 


Authors interested in presenting their work related to strategies are
invited to submit an extended abstract of up to 10 pages. Researchers
interested in attending the workshop without giving a talk may send a
position paper of 1-2 pages describing their interest in the mentioned
topics. All submissions should be sent to the Program Chairs
(strategies01@logic.at) in postscript before April 11, 2001. Accepted
contributions will be included in the workshop proceedings which will
be available at the workshop and also on the www.  

Based on the submissions, the Program Chairs will consider the
possibility of a formal publication (e.g., a special issue of a
journal or a volume in a series of electronic proceedings) following
the meeting in Siena, where authors may submit full versions of the
papers presented at the workshop. This will involve another call for
papers and a separate refereeing process. 

In order to keep the workshop reasonable in size, attendance is by
invitation only. However, depending on the number of expected active
participants, we will also consider late requests for participation.  


Wolfgang Goerigk (U. Kiel, Germany): 
  Mechanical Software Verification: High Level Control Aspects from 
  a User's Perspective

William McCune (Argonne National Lab., USA):
  Manual Strategies


Submission:      April 11, 2001 (extended deadline)
Notification:    April 30, 2001
Final versions:  May 20, 2001
Workshop:        June 18 or 19, 2001
IJCAR 2001:      June 18-23, 2001


Maria Paola Bonacina               U. Iowa (USA)
Bernhard Gramlich                  TU Wien (Austria)


Alessandro Armando                 U. Genova (Italy)
Maria Paola Bonacina (co-chair)    U. Iowa (USA)
Gilles Dowek                       INRIA (France) & ICASE/NASA-Langley (USA)
Ruben Gamboa                       AnythingOvernight.com, Inc., Texas (USA)
Bernhard Gramlich (co-chair)       TU Wien (Austria)
Bernd Loechner                     U. Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Christophe Ringeissen              LORIA-INRIA Nancy (France)


STRATEGIES 2001 website: http://www.logic.at/strategies01/
IJCAR 2001 website:      http://www.dii.unisi.it/~ijcar/
Strategies in Automated Deduction general website: