13 vacant positions at the IT University of Copenhagen

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 Mads Tofte (tofte@it-c.dk)

The IT University of Copenhagen was established by the Danish Ministry
of Research in 1999. It is a graduate scool for research and
research-based teaching in Information Technology.

During its less that two years of existence, the IT University of
Copenhagen has grown to employ 20 scientific staff at the level of
assistant professor or higher, 20 ph.d.-students, some 700 students,
and a teaching network of a further 90 teachers who are either
part-time staff at the ITU or permanent staff of four nearby
universities, namely the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business
School, The Technical University of Denmark (Lyngby), and Roskilde

The four research departments of the IT University of Copenhagen
currently have 13 vacant positions as assistant professor or associate
professor. We welcome applications within the following areas:
mobility, media and communication, software technology, software
applications, theoretical computer science and virtual reality.

The four research departments are:

    * The Department of Design and Use of IT
    * The Department of Digital Aesthetics and Communication
    * The Department of Innovation
    * The Theory Department

The full job announcement may be found at www.it-c.dk/eng (look under

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Mads Tofte
Director of the IT University of Copenhagen