Concoord 2001: Call for Participation

[[ This meeting's programme can be of interest for the TYPES readers ]]

		     Final Call for Participation

	International Workshop on Concurrency and Coordination

Scientific Programme

Fri July 6

 09:00- 9:30 Registration and Opening
 09:30-10:30 Invited Talk: `A Query Language Based on the Ambient Logic'
		     Luca Cardelli
 10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
 11:00-11:45 `Coordination of Mobile Components',
		     F. Arbab
 11:45-12:30 `CoreLime: a Coordination Model for Mobile Agents',
	             B. Carbunar, M.T. Valente, J. Vitek
 12:30-14:30 Lunch
 14:30-15:15 `Network Services and Modal Types', 
	             G. Ferrari, E. Moggi, R. Pugliese
 15:15-16:00 `Boxed Ambients: Types and Security',
	             M. Bugliesi, G. Castagna, S. Crafa
 16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
 16:30-18:00 PANEL: Concurrency, Coordination, and Global Computing

Sat Jul 7th

 09:00-10:00 Invited Talk: Jim Waldo (title TBA)
 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
 10:30-11:15 `Security Issues in Component-based Design',
	              A. Bracciali, A. Brogi, G. Ferrari, E. Tuosto
 11:15-12:00 `Information Flow Security in Mobile Ambients',
	              A. Cortesi, R. Focardi
 12:00-12:45 `Static Analysis for Stack Inspection',
	              M. Bartoletti, P. Degano, G. Ferrari
Sun Jul 8th

 09:00-10:00 Invited Talk: Paolo Ciancarini (title TBA)
 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
 10:30-11:15 `Modelling Node Connectivity in Dynamically Evolving Networks',
	              L. Bettini, M. Loreti, R. Pugliese
 11:15-12:00 `On the Serializability of Transactions in JavaSpaces'
	              N. Busi, G. Zavattaro
 12:00-12:45 `Zero-safe net models for transactions in Linda',
	              R. Bruni and U. Montanari


 Lipari is the largest island of the Eolie Archipelago, located north
 of Sicily, well known for its volcanic activities. It has sceneries
 of incomparable beauty and contrasting character. It can be easily
 reached from Milazzo, Palermo, Naples, Messina and Reggio Calabria by
 ferry or hydrofoil (50 minutes from Milazzo).

 The suggested route is to fly to Catania (CTA), reach the port of
 Milazzo  by bus, and from there reach Lipary by hydrofoil or ferry. 
 Alternatively, fly to Reggio Calabria (REG) and the Lipari by hydrofoil.
 Detailed instructions and timetables will be emailed to the participants 
 at registration.


 The workshop registration fee is 220K ITL (around 110 euro), payable
 cash at the meeting. A social dinner will be organised on Fri Jul 6. 
 Participants will be able to join the excursion to the volcano Stromboli 
 planned for Sun 8 for the Lipari School.
Registration and Hotel Reservation
 Due to the high season in Lipari, hotels may be expensive and booking
 may be difficult. The organisation has (a limited number of) rooms
 available for the workshop period at:  

     Hotel Casajanca  <http://www.netnet.it/casajanca> 
     Tel. +39-090-9880222 Fax +39-090-9813003 
     (around 70 euros, half board)

     Hotel Filadelfia 2 <http://www.netnet.it/hotel/filadelfia/index>
     Tel. +39-090-9812795, Fax +39-090-9812486 
     (around 70 euros, half board)

     Hotel Carasco <http://www.carasco.it/>
     Tel: +39-090-9811605 Fax +39-090-9811828
     (around 110 euros, half board)

 These will of course be allocated on a first-come-fist-served basis. 
 Casajanca is a pretty, little hotel in a splendid location 3km away
 from the Hotel Filadelfia <http://www.netnet.it/hotel/filadelfia/index>, 
 where the workshop takes place. The best way to travel from Casajanca
 is by scooter. For those who require it, renting a scooter will be
 organised by the hotel staff. If you wish to stay there, but do not
 intend to ride a scooter, the hotel will organise minibus rides to
 the workshop location. When booking, remember to mention Concoord/Lipari 

 Other suggested five-star, centrally-located (and substantially more
 priced) hotels are: 

   Hotel Villa Meligunis <http://www.netnet.it/villameligunis/>
   Hotel Giardino sul Mare <http://www.netnet.it/hotel/giardino/index>
   Hotel Rocce Azzurre <http://www.netnet.it/hotel/rocceazzurre/index> 

 Finally, the travel agency
   Longo Travel 
   Tel. +39-090-9880640, Fax. +39 090-9812793, 
   e-mail: longotravel@netnet.it 
   Contact person: Mr. Bartolo

 rents self catering flats on a weekly basis. Further information
 about hotels can be found at  

 To register send an email to <concoord@tosca.dmi.unict.it> with your 
 name, affiliation, dates of arrival and departure, and the hotel you
 have booked in. (Please, notice that you have to book yourself.) 


 More information to appear on:


email: <mailto:concoord@tosca.dmi.unict.it>