*             POPL 2002 CALL FOR PAPERS             *
     *                                                   *
     *  The 29th Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on  *
     *        Principles of Programming Languages        *
     *           Portland, Jan 16th-18th, 2002           *
     *                                                   *

The 29th symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL'02)
will address fundamental principles and important innovations in the
design, definition, analysis, and implementation of programming
languages, programming systems, and programming interfaces.
Papers on a diversity of topics are encouraged, particularly ones
that point out new directions. Both practical and theoretical papers
are welcome.

Papers are to be submitted a form that will allow program committee
members to understand the technical contribution and appreciate the
significance of the work. The main body of a submission should be
at most 10 pages of text, allowing extra space for figures and
bibliography.  Submissions may also contain appendices with supporting
technical details that will be read at the discretion of the program
committee members. Authors are encouraged to take this opportunity
to hone their expository skills and demonstrate their ability to
present complicated issues clearly and succinctly.

Submitted papers must describe work unpublished in refereed venues
and not submitted for publication elsewhere (i.e., either a conference
or a journal). Papers that are too long or are submitted too late
(see below) will be rejected by the program chair.

    *       Electronic submissions must be received by         *
    *        8 PM Pacific Time, Monday, July 23, 2001          *

Extended abstracts must be submitted as Postscript documents that are
interpretable by Ghostscript, or in PDF format, and they must be
printable on both A4 paper and US-letter; to facilitate this, extensive
use of special fonts and colours should be avoided. Submissions not
meeting the criteria described above may not be considered.

Receipt of the submissions will be acknowledged be electronic mail. Authors
are responsible for inquiring about the lack of a prompt acknowledgement.
Submissions lost or received late due to unusual circumstances might not
be considered.

Notification of the acceptance or rejection of papers will be given in
late September, 2001, with final versions of accepted papers due in
November. Authors of accepted papers will be asked to sign ACM
copyright release forms.

Further information and more detailed submission information will be
available at the POPL website, reachable from www.acm.org/sigplan/popl.htm

Program chair:                              General chair:
John C Mitchell                             John Launchbury
Stanford University                         Oregon Graduate Institute

Program committee:
    Krzysztof R. Apt, CWI and University of Amsterdam
    Manuel Fahndrich, Microsoft
    Kathleen Fisher, AT&T Research
    Patrice Godefroid, Lucent Bell Labs
    Laurie Hendren, McGill University
    Susan Horwitz, University of Wisconsin
    John Hughes, Chalmers University of Technology
    K. Rustan M. Leino, Compaq Systems Research Center
    Xavier Leroy, INRIA
    John Mitchell, Stanford University
    Greg Morrisett, Cornell University
    Martin Odersky, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    Peter O'Hearn, Queen Mary & Westfield College
    Mark Wegman, IBM