FMOODS 2002 --- Call for Papers

                              Call for Papers

                     Fifth IFIP International Conference
          Formal Methods for Open Object-based Distributed Systems


                20-22 March 2002, University of Twente, the Netherlands



Object-based Distributed Computing is being established as the most
pertinent basis for the support of large, heterogeneous computing and
telecommunication systems. Indeed, several important international
organisations, such as ITU, ISO, OMG, TINA-C, etc. are defining
similar distributed object-based frameworks as a foundation for open
distributed computing.

The advent of Open Object-based Distributed Systems - OODS - brings
new challenges and opportunities for the use and development of formal
methods.  New architectures and system models are emerging (e.g., the
enterprise, information, computational and engineering viewpoints of
the ITU-T/ISO/IEC ODP Reference Model) which require formal notational
support. Usual design issues such as specification, verification,
refinement, and testing need to take into account new dimensions
introduced by distribution and openness, such as quality of service
and dependability constraints, dynamic binding and reconfiguration,
consistency between multiple models and viewpoints, security etc. OODS
is a challenging research context and a source of motivation for
semantical models of object-based systems and notations, for the
evolution of standardised formal description techniques, for the
application and assessment of logic based approaches, for better
understanding and information modeling of business requirements, and
for the further development and use of Object Oriented methodologies
and tools.

The objective of FMOODS is to provide an integrated forum for the
presentation of research in several related fields, and the exchange
of ideas and experiences in the topics concerned with the formal
methods support for Open Object-based Distributed Systems.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

   * Formal models for object-based distributed computing 
   * Specification and analysis techniques for distributed systems 
   * Refinement and transformation of specifications 
   * Verification, testing and validation of distributed systems 
   * Semantics of object-based programming languages 
   * Object-based coordination languages 
   * Multiple viewpoint modelling and consistency between different models 
   * Types, service types and subtyping 
   * Quality of service: specification, verification and testing of 
   * Formal support for object life cycles 
   * Design and software life-cycle of object-based distributed applications 
   * Formal models for measuring the quality of object-oriented requirement 
     or design specifications 
   * Formal aspects of distributed real-time multimedia systems 
   * Applications to telecommunications and related areas 
   * Formal and rigorous specifications of business enterprises 
   * Analysing interactions between objects / components
   * Formal models for security in distributed systems

Conference Organizers

  Arend Rensink (general chair + local organizer)
  University of Twente, the Netherlands

  Bart Jacobs (Pc chair)
  University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Program Committee

Lynne Blair (U. Lancaster, UK)
John Derrick (UKC, Kent, UK) 
Alessandro Fantechi (U. Firenze, Italy) 
Riccardo Focardi (U. Venice, Italy)
Andrew D. Gordon (Microsoft Research, UK)
Rolf Hennicker (LMU Muenchen, Germany)
Bart Jacobs (U. Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
Guy Leduc (U. of Liege, Belgium) 
Elie Najm (ENST, Paris, France) 
Uwe Nestmann (EPFL Lausanne) 
Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter (FernUniv. Hagen, Germany)
Arend Rensink (U. Twente, the Netherlands) 
Scott Smith (Johns Hopkins Univ., USA) 
Perdita Stevens (U. Edinburgh)
Carolyn Talcott (Stanford Univ., USA) 
Nalini Venkatasubramanian (UC Irvine, USA) 

Evaluation and Publication of Submitted Papers

Submitted manuscripts will be evaluated and selected for presentation
in the conference. The proceedings of FMOODS 2002 will be published by
Kluwer who are the publishers of IFIP events. The proceedings will be
made available at the conference.

Instructions to the Authors

Authors are invited to submit full original research papers, up to 16
pages (including bibliography), 12 point, single spaced, including an
informative abstract, names and affiliations of all authors, and a
list of keywords facilitating the assignment of papers to
referees. The use of the Kluwer styles
(http://www.wkap.com/ifip/styles) and guidelines
(http://www.wkap.com/ifip/guidelines.pdf) for the submission is

Important Dates

    1 Sept   2001   Submission deadline
   15 Nov    2001   Notification of acceptance
   15 Dec    2001   Camera ready copy for participants proceedings due
20-22 March  2002   The conference at Univ. Twente

Submission Procedure Information: to appear at the conference 
website: http://trese.cs.utwente.nl/fmoods2002/