ECOOP 2001 - Final Call for Participation


         15th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming
                           Budapest, Hungary, 
                            June 18-22, 2001

                      FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                On-line registration is possible only before
                           June 13 (Wednesday) 2001

              After this date only on-site prices are available.


   Welcome by the Organizing Chairs of the 15th European Conference on
Object-Oriented Programming. We cordially invite all researchers,
practitioners, educators and students, everyone interested in object
technology to attend, whether they come from academia, industry or any
other sector of society. ECOOP demonstrates the very best and latest
research, practice and experience using object technologies.

   The conference is hosted by the University Eotvos Lorand, Budapest
(supported by the Association Internationale pour les Technologies
Objets) and will run from June 18 to June 22, 2001. We follow the
traditions of ECOOP, so 18 tutorials and 21 workshops are planned for
the first two days; 18 technical presentations, a panel discussion,
poster presentations and 3 invited talks will take place on the last 
three days of the conference. Simultaneously there will also be an 
exhibitor's programme allowing object-oriented products and techniques
to be displayed and demonstrated. 

   The conference site, Budapest is the capital of Hungary, situated by
the river Danube, in the heart of Central Europe. The participants will
be lodged in the centre of Budapest. The conference hosts different
social events and thus offers lots of opportunities to the participants
for casual get-togethers. The social programme will provide an 
opportunity for participants to get acquainted with Hungarian culture 
and history, especially as the year 2000/2001 is the one thousand 
years anniversary of the founding of the Hungarian state. 


                        FINAL CALL FOR PARTICIPATION


  Association Internationale pur les Technologies Objets
  Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest
Conference Chairs:
  Gerti Kappel (Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria)
  Laszlo Varga (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary)
Program Chair:
  Jorgen Lindskov Knudsen (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
Organizing Chairs:
  Laszlo Kozma (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary)
  Zoltan Horvath (Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary)

Contact information:
   Official website: http://www.2001.ecoop.org
   Registration is possible on-line via our website until June 13, 2001.
   A printable version of the Final Program is downloadable from our 

Surface mail: 
   Eotvos Lorand University
   Institute of Informatics
   Department of General Computer Science
   H-1117 Budapest, Pazmany Peter setany 1/D

   Telephone: +36-(06)30-854-0347, +36-(06)1-463-4087
   Fax: +36-(06)1-463-1648
   E-mail: ecoop-org@2001.ecoop.org



Charles Simonyi: Language, Objects and Intentionality
Erik Meijer: Scripting .NET using Mondrian
Alistair Cockburn: People and the Limits of Methodology



Session 1: Sharing and Encapsulation - Chair: Jan Vitek
   Capabilities for Sharing: A Generalization of Uniqueness 
   and Read-Only
       - John Boyland, James Noble, William Retert
   Sealing, Encapsulation and Mutability 
       - Marina Biberstein, Yossi Gil, Sara Porat
   Simple Ownership Types for Object Containment
       - David Clarke, James Noble, John Potter

Session 2: Type Inference and Static Analysis - Chair:Satoshi Matsuoka
   Distinctness and Sharing Domains for Static Analysis of 
   Java Programs
       - Isabelle Pollet, Baudouin Le Charlier, Agostino Cortesi
   Precise Constraint-Based Type Inference for Java 
       - Tiejun Wang, Scot Smith

Session 3: Language Design 1 - Chair: Mira Mezini
   CCC: User Defined Object Structures in C
       - Yasunori Harada Yamazaki, Richard Potter
   Fickle: dynamic object reclassification 
       - S. Drossopoulou, F. Damiani, M. Dezani, P. Giannini

Session 4: Implementation Techniques - Chair: Urs Hoelzle
   A Quasi-Optimal Bit-vector Encoding of Tree Hierarchies. 
   Application to Efficient Type Inclusion Tests 
       - Olivier Raynaud, Eric Thierry
   On the usefulness of liveness for garbage collection and 
   leak detection
       - Martin Hirzel, Amer Diwan, Antony Hosking
   Concurrent Cycle Collection in Reference Counted Systems 
       - David Bacon, V.T. Raja

Session 5: Reflection and Concurrency - Chair: Frank Buschmann 
   A Bytecode Translator for Distributed Execution of Legacy 
   Java Software 
       - M. Tatsubori, T. Sasaki, S. Chiba, K. Itano
   Reflections on MOPs, Components, and Java Security 
       - Denis Caromel, Julien Vayssiere
   The Optimistic Readers Transformation 
       - Robert Strom, Joshua Auerbach

Session 6: Language Design 2 - Chair: Markku Sakkinen
   Family Polymorphism 
       - Erik Ernst
   An Overview Of AspectJ 
       - G.Kiczales,E.Hilsdale,J.Hugunin,M.Kersten,J.Palm,W.Griswold
   True Modules for Java-Like Languages
       - Davide Ancona, Elena Zucca

Session 7: Testing and Design - Chair: Ana Moreira
   Selecting an Efficient OO Integration Testing Strategy: 
   An Experimental Comparison of Actual Strategies 
       - Kamel Kamel, Vu Le Hanh, Yves Le Traon, Jean-Marc Jezequel
   Quality and Understandability in Use Case Models 
       - Bente Anda, Dag Sjoberg, Magne Jorgensen



Integrating Business Objects Into J2EE 
   - Martin Fowler
Making the Software Process Transparent by Using Intelligent Agents 
   - Ivar Jacobson, Gunnar Overgaard
Concurrent Object-Oriented Design in Java 
   - Doug Lea, David Holmes 
Design of Software Architectures 
   - Jan Bosch 
Enterprise JavaBean Architecture and Design Issues; 
Avoiding JavaBean Soup 
   - James White 
Generative Programming: Methods, Techniques, and Applications 
   - Krzysztof Czarnecki, Ulrich W. Eisenecker 
Adapting XP to Complex Application Domains 
   - Martin Lippert, Stefan Roock 
Object-Oriented Frameworks 
   - Greg Butler 
Programming with XML 
   - Peter Bunemann 
Squeak: An Open Source Smalltalk for the 21st Century! 
   - Andrew P. Black 
Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ(TM) 
   - Erik Hilsdale, Gregor Kiczales
Patterns at Work 
   - Frank Buschmann 
Advanced Visual Modelling: Beyond UML 
   - Joseph (Yossi) Gil, John Howse, Stuart Kent
Interconnecting Objects via Contracts 
   - Jose Luiz Fiadeiro, Luis Filipe Andrade
Advanced Software Composition: Obstacles & Approaches 
   - Lodewijk Bergmans, Mehmet Aksit
Component Technologies for the Middle-Tier 
   - Michael Stal 
Real time System Modeling with UML: Current Status and Some Prospects
   - Francois Terrier, Sebastien Gerard
Security and Object Oriented Programming 
   - Dieter Gollmann 


11th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems 
   - G. Ardourel, M. Haupt, J.L.H. Agustin, R. Ruggaber, Dr.C. Suscheck 
2nd Workshop on Quality of Service in Distributed Object Systems 
   - Christian Becker, John Zinky 
Distributed Multimedia Object/Component Systems 
   - L. Boszormenyi, C. Stary, H. Kosch, C. Becker 
Formal Techniques for Java Programs 
   - S. Eisenbach, G. Leavens, P. Muller, A. Poetzsch-Heffter, E. Poll 
Automating Object-Oriented Software Development Methods 
   - B. Tekinerdogan, P. van den Broek, M. Saeki, P. Hruby, G. Sunye 
Adaptive Object-Models and Metamodeling Techniques 
   - Nicolas Revault, Joseph W. Yoder, Ali Arsanjani 
Specification, Implementation and Validation of Object-oriented 
Embedded Systems 
   - S.Gerard,F.Terrier,B.Selic,W.Damm,U.Brockmeyer,W.Yi,P.Pettersson 
Feature Interaction in Composed Systems 
   - E. Pulvermueller, A. Speck, J.O. Coplien, M. D'Hondt, W. De Meuter 
6th International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming 
   - Jan Bosch, Clemens Szyperski, Wolfgang Weck 
Advanced Separation of Concerns 
   - Lodewijk Bergmans, Maurice Glandrup, Johan Brichau, Siobhan Clarke 
Multiparadigm Programming with OO Languages 
   - Marion Kei Davis, Yannis Smaragdakis, Jorg Striegnitz
Generative Programming 
   - Barbara Barth, Greg Butler, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Ulrich Eisenecker 
4th Workshop on Object-Oriented Architectural Evolution 
   - Tom Mens, Galal Hassan Galal 
Scientific Computing Environment: CORBA Components for the GRID 
   - Zsolt Kovacs, Laszlo Varga 
Development of Robust and High Confidence Agent Applications 
   - Ciaran Bryce, Alexander Romanovsky, Anand Tripathi 
Mining Pedagogical Patterns 
   - Joseph (Joe) Bergin, Jutta Eckstein 
The Next 700 Distributed Object Systems 
   - E.Jul,A.Black,R.Guerraoui,A.M.Kermarrec,J.Liedtke,D.Lea,S.Sadou 
5th ECOOP Workshop on Quantitative Approaches in Object-Oriented 
Software Engineering 
   - F.B. e Abreu, B.H.Sellers, M. Piattini, G. Poels, H. A. Sahraoui 
Mechanisms for Enterprise Integration: From Objects to Ontologies 
   - Sergio de Cesare, Mark Lycett 
Workshop on Object-Oriented Business Solutions 
    - R. Corchuelo, A. Ruiz, J. Muhlbacher, J.D. Garcia-Consuegra 
4th ECOOP Workshop on OO and Operating Systems 
    - Dario Alvarez Gutierrez, Francisco Ballesteros, Paniti Netinant


The next 700 Distributed Object Systems.

Following the traditions of ECOOP the main conference also includes 
exhibits, demonstrations and posters. For more detailed 
information visit our website: http://www.2001.ecoop.org.

Looking forward to see you in Budapest,

The Organizing Chairs of ECOOP'2001