International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software

                 Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
                        October 28-31, 2001

  Further information about TACS2001 can be obtained on the Web, at:


  Any inquiry on TACS2001 Program and Registration may be directed to


                       TACS2001 PROGRAM

                       OCTOBER 28 SUNDAY

16:00 REGISTRATION at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 21:00

19:30 WELCOME RECEPTION at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 21:00

                       OCTOBER 29 MONDAY
           at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University


 9:10 A Spatial Logic for Concurrency
      Luca Cardelli (joint work with Luis Caires)

10:10 Break

SESSION 1, 10:30 - 12:00

10:30 Boxed Ambients
      Michele Bugliesi, Giuseppe Castagna, Silvia Crafa
11:00 A Typed Process Calculus for Fine-Grained Resource Access Control
      in Distributed Computation
      Daisuke Hoshina, Eijiro Sumii and Akinori Yonezawa

11:30 Formal Eavesdropping and its Computational Interpretation
      Martin Abadi and Jan Jurjens

12:00 Lunch Break


13:15 Resource-Passing Concurrent Programming
      Kazunori Ueda

14:15 Break

SESSION 2, 14:35 - 15:35

14:35 Solo Diagrams
      Cosimo Laneve, Joachim Parrow, Bjorn Victor

15:05 Observational Equivalence for Synchronized Graph Rewriting
      with Mobility
      Barbara Koenig and Ugo Montanari

15:35 Break

SESSION 3, 15:55 - 17:25

15:55 Fixed-point Logic with the Approximation Modality and its
      Kripke Completeness
      Hiroshi Nakano 

16:25 Termination Proofs and Complexity Certification
      Daniel Leivant
16:55 A Renee Equation for Algorithmic Complexity
      Keye Martin

17:25 Break     

                       OCTOBER 30 TUESDAY
           at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University


 9:10 Nominal Logic: A First Order Theory of Names and Binding
      Andrew M. Pitts

10:10 Break                

SESSION 4, 10:30 - 12:00

10:30 A Logic Programming Language based on Binding Algebras
      Makoto Hamana

11:00 Proof-search and Countermodel Generation in Propositional
      BI Logic
      Didier Galmiche and Daniel Mery

11:30 Generation of a Linear Time Query Processing Algorithm
      based on Well-Quasi-Orders
      Mizuhito Ogawa

12:00 Lunch Break          

13:15 Modelisation of Timed Automata in Coq
      Christine Paulin-Mohring

14:15 Break               

SESSION 5, 14:35 - 16:05

14:35 Model-Checking LTL with Regular Valuations for Pushdown Systems
      Javier Esparza, Antonin Kucera, Stefan Schwoon

15:05 What Will be Eventually True of Polynomial Hybrid Automata?
      Martin Fraenzle

15:35 Non-Structural Subtype Entailment in Automata Theory
      Joachim Niehren and Tim Priesnitz

16:05 Break                

SESSION 6, 16:25 - 17:25

16:25 Bisimulation and Other Undecidable Equivalences for Lossy Channel
      Ph. Schnoebelen

16:55 Weakest Congruence Results Concerning "Any-Lock"
      Antti Puhakka
17:25 Break

18:30 BANQUET at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 20:30

                       OCTOBER 31st WEDNESDAY
           at Aoba Memorial Building, Tohoku University

 9:10 Design and Correctness of Program Transformations based on
      Control-Flow Analysis
      Jon G. Riecke (joint work with Anindya Banerjee and Nevin Heintze)

10:10 Break

SESSION 7, 10:30 - 12:00               

10:30 Infinite Intersection and Union Types for the Lazy Lambda Calculus
      Marcello M. Bonsangue and Joost N. Kok

11:00 Strong Normalization of Second Order Symmetric Lambda-mu Calculus
      Yoriyuki Yamagata
11:30 The Girard-Reynolds Isomorphism
      Philip Wadler

12:00 Lunch Break         

13:15 Lightweight Analysis of Object Interactions
      Daniel Jackson (joint work with Alan Fekete)

14:15 Break 

SESSION 8, 14:30 - 15:30

14:30 Typing Assembly Programs with Explicit Forwarding
      Lennart Beringer

15:00 The UDP Calculus: Rigorous Semantics for Real Networking
      Andrei Serjantov, Peter Sewell, Keith Wansbrough

15:30 Break               


15:45 Unison: A File Synchronizer and its Specification
      Benjamin C. Pierce (Joint work with Jerome Vouillon)

17:00 CLOSING SESSION till 17:10


18:30 Japanese Dinner Party for Participants from Abroad


                   TACS2001 is sponsored by

               Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

                      in cooperation with

            Information Processing Society of Japan

       Japan Society for Software Science and Technology

                 Association for Symbolic Logic

          Association for Computing Machinery--SIGACT

Symposium Chair:

   Takayasu Ito          Tohoku University

Program Chairs:

   Naoki Kobayashi       Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Benjamin Pierce       University of Pennsylvania

Program Committee

   Zena Ariola           University of Oregon
   Cedric Fournet        Microsoft Research
   Jacques Garrigue      Kyoto University
   Masami Hagiya         University of Tokyo
   Robert Harper         Carnegie Mellon University
   Masahito Hasegawa     Kyoto University
   Nevin Heintze         Lucent Technologies
   Martin Hofmann        University of Edinburgh
   Zhenjiang Hu          University of Tokyo
   Naoki Kobayashi       Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Martin Odersky        Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
   Catuscia Palamidessi  Pennsylvania State University
   Benjamin Pierce       University of Pennsylvania
   Francois Pottier      INRIA
   Andre Scedrov         University of Pennsylvania
   Natarajan Shankar     SRI International
   Ian Stark             University of Edinburgh
   Makoto Tatuta         National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo


                         GENERAL INFORMATION

TACS2001 will be held on the campus of Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.
The invited talks and contributed talks will be presented at the Aoba
Memorial Building, Faculty of Engineering located on the Aoba Hill about
3 km west of downtown Sendai. The welcome reception and banquet will be
held at Sendai Tokyu Hotel, located in downtown Sendai.
The TACS2001 proceedings will be available as a volume of Lecture Notes
in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, at the time of the conference.

Sendai is the largest city in the northern part of Honshu Island of Japan,
with a population of about a million. The city is known in Japan as the
"City of Trees". It is 350 km north of Tokyo and about 2 hours away by
the Tohoku Bullet Train (Tohoku Shinkansen). Sendai is a modern, safe city
with a moderate climate blessed by four distinct seansons. At the end of
October the weather would be mostly sunny with temperature ranging from
5 C (41 F) to 15 C (59 F), and it will be the time of beautiful autumnal 

Conference registration is open to the public. Reservations for the Japanese
dinner party (October 31st) will be limited.
Register and make reservations by returning the completed form by email and
fax. The registration form is attached below, and it is also available from
the TACS2001 web site.
There will also be on-site registration at:
  * Sendai Tokyu Hotel, 16:00 - 21:00, October 28,
  * Aoba Memorial Bldg, Tohoku Univ, 9:00 - 17:00 on October 29-31.

Some information on transportation and hotels is described below. More
information on TACS2001, including travel information, is available at
the TACS2001 web page:


Conference participants arriving at the new Tokyo International (Narita)
Airport are advised to take the JR Narita Express train from Narita
Airport to Tokyo Station. Then take the Yamabiko super express train of
Tohoku Shinkansen (Tohoku Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Sendai. Making
reservation at Narita Station for the Yamabiko is strongly recommended.
Those arriving at the new Osaka International (Kansai) Airport can fly
to Sendai Airport, and take Limousine Bus service to Sendai Station.
Alternatively, you can take a local train from the Kansai Airport to
JR Shin Osaka Station, then take the Tokaido Shinkansen from JR Shin
Osaka Station to JR Tokyo Station and change at Tokyo Station to Tohoku
Some details on transportation will be available at the TACS2001 web page.
(1) No flight service is available from Narita to Sendai Airport, since 
    the train service is superior. There is another train service from
    Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo (Ueno) by Skyliner of the Keisei-Narita 
    Line. At Ueno you can take the Yamabiko superexpress of Tohoku Shinkansen
    to Sendai, but you have to walk about 10 min from Keisei Ueno Station to
    JR Ueno Station to take Tohoku Shinkansen.
(2) If you are going to travel in Japan by JR lines before/after the 
    TACS2001 symposium, it will be convenient and economical to get a 
    JR PASS before your departure. Contact your travel agent for more 
    information on JR PASS (Japan Rail Pass).

Two hotels offer discount rates to TACS2001 participants: the Sendai Tokyu
Hotel, and the Sendai Washington Hotel. They are 1.2 km west of Sendai
Station and about 800 Yen by taxi from the station. Two hotels are located 
within 5 min walk of each other.

More information on TACS2001 is available at the TACS2001 web page.



Registration Fees
Registration fees cover attendance in all sessions, a copy of proceedings,
refreshments and snack, the welcome reception and banquet, but not the
Japanese dinner party on October 31st. 
The reduced author rate applies to all authors of the accepted papers, and
the reduced committee member rate applies to all members of the Program 
Committee and the Organizing Committee. The student rate applies to full
time students. Registrants paying reduced rates have full privileges at
the conference. The companion rate covers the welcome reception and 
banquet only.

                           Through September 17   From September 18

       Regular                     40,000 Yen          50,000 Yen
       Author                      30,000 Yen          40,000 Yen
       Committee Member            30,000 Yen          40,000 Yen
       Student                     20,000 Yen          30,000 Yen
       Companion                    4,000 Yen           6,000 Yen

Two convenient Western style hotels offer TACS2001 discount rates.
Rates are per person, per night, and include service charge and tax 
(not including breakfast).

                                  Single Room        Twin Room

       Sendai Tokyu Hotel          10,185 Yen        7,560 Yen
       Sendai Washington Hotel II   8,000 Yen        7,000 Yen
       Sendai Washington Hotel I    7,000 Yen        ---------

Note: Twin room reservations are available for two persons. No roommate
      matching service is available, so twin room reservations remain 
      registrant's responsibility.

Japanese dinner party for participants from abroad
A Japanese dinner party for participants from abroad will be held at
TOYOKAN in the evening of October 31st. The invited speakers, PC members,
and some others will attend. A limited number of reservations will be
available for this dinner party. The rates are as follows.

       Conference registrant: 10,000 Yen
       Companion:              6,000 Yen

Cut here to send your registration and reservation form after filling in the items.


Please register and make reservations by completing the form below and
returning it by email to


Registrants are advised to email a copy of their completed form to


They are also encouraged to send a signed, printed copy of their completed
form by FAX to

                  022-296-3327  (domestic)
               +81-22-296-3327  (from abroad)

which is the fax number of the following agent to take care of the conference

registration and reservation.

      Japan Travel Bureau Group Tours Office Tohoku 
      Tobu Sendai Daiichi Bldg, 6th Floor
      4-6-1 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai 983-0852, Japan

      FAX:        022-296-3327  (domestic)
               +81-22-296-3327  (from abroad)
      PHONE:      022-296-3361  (domestic)
               +81-22-296-3361  (from abroad)
      Email:   tcs02@thk.jtb.co.jp

Registration and reservations will be completed by your payment, whose method
is described below.

 As described below, from the standpoint of the safety, registrants are advised
 to pay fees by Bank Transfer. When the payment is made by a credit card, they
 are advised to send the required information, including Credit Card numbers
 by FAX; that is, do NOT send Credit Card numbers by email.

  Last (Family) Name:

  First (Given) Name:



  Postal Address:






  Registration Status 
    <Regular, Author, Committee Member, Student>:

  Number of Companions:

  Companions' names (if applicable):

  (A) Total Registration Fee(s) in Yen:

  Hotel First Choice:

  Hotel Second Choice:

  Number of Single Room(s):

  Number of Twin Room(s):

  Roommate's Name(s) for Twin Room(s):

  Check-in Date:

  Check-out Date:

  Number of Nights:

  Special Room or other Request:

  A limited number of reservations are available for the Japanese 
  dinner party to be held at TOYOKAN in the evening of October 31st, 
  for participants from abroad.

  (B) 10,000 Yen x [   ] conference registrant(s):

  (C)  6,000 Yen x [   ] companion(s):

  (A) + (B) + (C):

Signature (not needed for email):

   From the standpoint of the safety and security, participants are encouraged
   to pay via Bank Transfer. When they pay via credit card, they are advised 
   to send the required information (in particular, Credit Card numbers) by 
   FAX; that is, do NOT send your Credit Card numbers by email. 
   In credit card payment Visa card, MasterCard, and Diners card will be 
   accepted. Personal checks cannot be accepted.
   All payments must be made in Japanese Yen.

Indicate method of payment below:

  [    ] Bank Transfer to

              Bank: Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Sendai Branch
              Account Name: TACS2001 Chair Takayasu Ito
              Account No. 1180724

         From <bank name>:

         Date of transfer:

         Payer's name:

         Note: In Japan the bank number of Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank is 0005, and
               the number of its Sendai Branch is 320.

  [    ] Payment by Credit Card

         Credit Card Type <Visa, MasterCard, or Diners>:

         Card Number:

         Expiration Date:

         Signature (not needed for email):
  <Note>: When your payment is via Credit Card, send the above information
          by FAX to +81-22-296-3327, the fax no. of Japan Travel Bureau
          Group Tours Office Tohoku.
          Even when you send the above form by fax, send it by EMAIL 
          without  filling in Credit Card number for safety.
Registration and reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment.
Refunds will be made upon written request received through October 15, 2001
by Japan Travel Bureau Group Tours Office Tohoku.