CFP: JLAP special issue on pi-calculus (reminder)

			   Call for Papers
	      Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming

		   Special Issue on the PI-CALCULUS

	     Deadline for submissions: September 30, 2001
                         [NOTE deadline!]

	       (see also http://www.docs.uu.se/jlap01/)

The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming
(http://www.elsevier.com/locate/jlap) is an international journal
whose aim is to publish original work in the areas of logical and
algebraic methods and techniques for programming in its broadest
sense.  The Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming complements
Elsevier's Science of Computer Programming and Theoretical Computer
Science by its focus on the foundations of logical, algebraic and
categorical methods for programming.

The pi-calculus, originally introduced by Robin Milner, Joachim
Parrow, and David Walker back in 1989 arose as a generalization of the
algebraic process calculus CCS.  In pi-calculus, the simple idea is to
allow processes to exchange specific values -channel names themselves-
and thereby to dynamically change their interconnection structures:
processes become mobile.  During the last decade, the pi-calculus has
seen an enormous proliferation of variants, techniques and
applications, such that there is now a whole familiy of "calculi for
mobile processes" (see, e.g., http://lampwww.epfl.ch/mobility/).

This special issue covers the spectrum from theoretical results to
concrete applications of calculi for mobile processes, with an
emphasis on new techniques and methodologies, as well as experiences
with their application in practice.  Submissions are solicited on
topics including, but not limited to:

-- applications 
-- implementations
-- extensions
   - higher-order, object-oriented, distributed, security-enhanced,
     probabilistic, real-time, ...
-- programming
-- high-level languages
-- type systems
-- specification techniques
-- modal and temporal logics
-- verification techniques
-- algorithms & tools
-- theoretical results

We look for original, unpublished contributions of high quality not
submitted elsewhere.  Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2001.
We anticipate publication of the special issue in 2002.  Authors are
requested to submit their paper electronically to both guest editors,
either in postscript or in PDF format.  We encourage the use of the
Elsevier style file with LaTeX (see www.elsevier.com/locate/latex).

In order to speed up the review process, authors are strongly
encouraged to send (tentative) title and abstract to the guest editors
as soon as available.

Guest editors:

  Uwe Nestmann          Uwe.Nestmann@epfl.ch

			CH-1015 Lausanne

  Bjrn Victor          Bjorn.Victor@docs.uu.se
			Dept. of Computer Systems
			Information Technology
			Uppsala University
			Box 337
			SE-751 05 Uppsala