PhD studentship at Sussex

Please pass on to interested students. Apologies for multiple copies.

A three year PhD studentship is available as part of the EPSRC project

     `Programming Logics for Denotations of Recursive Objects' 

at the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (COGS) at the
University of Sussex at Brighton. 

The aim of this project is to develop a programming logic
for an object-oriented language based on denotational semantics.
Starting from some results already obtained for untyped languages the
main task will be to derive and study reasoning principles in a _typed_ 
LCF (Logic of Computable Functions), developped in the seventies, acts
somehow as our role model. Mechanized even by a powerful theorem prover,
it supports reasoning about functional programs. We plan to follow
similar objectives for the  object-based paradigm. 
Prototypical implementations of (parts of)  results using a theorem
prover are not the main focus of the project, but may turn out to be
fruitful during the development process.

Prospective candidates should  have an appropriate degree in computer
science or mathematics. Some background in programming logics, domain
theory or type theory are useful but not essential.
The studentship will cover all fees for a three year period and a yearly
maintenance grant at the standard rate (currently GBP 6800). It comes
with sufficient funds to cover travel to summer schools and conferences,
and possibly brief visits to other institutions. A possible starting
date is January 2002, but earlier or slightly later dates can be

The project student will be a member of the Foundations group at COGS.
This group (see also  http://www.cogs.susx.ac.uk/foundations ) shares
interests in all kinds of semantical questions and runs regular internal
seminars and other events. It consists currently of five members of
staff (Hennessy, McCusker, Rathke, Reus, Sassone), three research
fellows (Harmer, Laird, Merro) and two PhD students. The group is
still growing and its manageable size is considered beneficial to the
internal scientific exchange. 

Brighton itself is a enchanting, exciting, and  extraordinary seaside
city.  With its cosmopolitan air, feverish nightlife, abundance of
culture, and vicinity to London, it is an attractive place to live and
study  (more info: http://www.susx.ac.uk/central/students.shtml ).

For enquiries and further details please contact Bernhard Reus at