Two PhD positions at ILLC

The institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of
Amsterdam, invites applications for two 4-year Ph.D. positions.

Vacancy number: 15146

Within the section Logic and Computer Science (ILLC) of the Institute
for Logic, Language and Computation of the Universiteit van Amsterdam
two 4-year Ph.D. research positions are available in a project on
imperfect information games recently granted by the Dutch National
Science foundation NWO.

Project description

The project aims at the design of a coherent semantic and computational
theory for the treatment of games of imperfect information. For games of
perfect information there exist well understood representations,
analysis methods and complexity analyses for various tasks like
determining winners and deriving optimal strategies, but these
techniques break down for games of imperfect information. This area
represents, aside from a few scattered results, a largely unexplored
area in logic and computation theory. At the same time the recent
interest in games within computer science and logic to a large extent
involves games of imperfect information, as exemplified by agency
theory, e-commerce and artificial intelligence.

The two Ph.D. researchers should work in tandem on the various problem
areas involved in the design of a coherent theory for imperfect
information games. One student will concentrate on logic and semantic
aspects: modelling target applications, characteristic properties,
structural operations and logical languages. The second student will
focus on computational and complexity aspects like structure and
compositionality, relative succinctness between description formats,
process theory and complexity analysis of various decision problems.

The project is supervised by dr. Peter van Emde Boas and prof. dr. Johan
van Benthem.

Candidates will be asked to assist with courses related to their
areas. The salary will range from 3159 Guilders (during the first year)
to 4511 Guilders (during the fourth year), gross per month. Knowledge of
Dutch is not a prerequisite, and candidates can be of any nationality.


ILLC is an interdisciplinary institute between the Faculties of
Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, focussing on the study of
Information in Logic, Computer Science, and Language.

For further information, see the homepage http://www.illc.uva.nl


We are looking for applicants with a Master’s degree (preferrably in
mathematics, computer science or artificial intelligence) and a strong
background in logic or theoretical computer science. Applicants have
skills in semantic and/or algorithmic analysis, and are willing to learn
the additional skills needed in a project like this, including a deeper
acquaintance with game theory.


For information and applications please contact Peter van Emde Boas at
peter@science.uva.nl, or telephone +31 20 525 6065 between October 21
and October 30 2001. A more detailed project description is available
upon request.


Applicants should submit a full resume including a statement of research
interests, and the names and email addresses of at least three

Applications, including the vacancy number, should be sent by ordinary
before November 5th to:

Mrs A. Craje
Personnel Office – Faculty of Science
Valckenierstraat 65
1018 XE Amsterdam