CFP FroCoS'02: Deadline Extension and Call for System Descriptions


- extended deadline for paper submission (now Nov 5)
- call for system descriptions (Nov 15)

			Final Call for Papers

		     Fourth International Workshop

		  ``Frontiers of Combining Systems''

			     April 8-10, 2002

		   Santa Margherita (near Genova), Italy


In  various areas  of computer  science, such  as  logic, computation,
program  development and  proof,  artificial intelligence,  mechanical
verification, symbolic computation there  is an obvious need for using
specialized formalisms and inference mechanisms for special tasks.  In
order  to be  usable in  practice, these  specialized systems  must be
combined with  each other,  and they must  be integrated  into general
purpose  systems.   The  development  of general  techniques  for  the
combination and  integration of special systems has  been initiated in
many areas.

The three previous international workshops on ``Frontiers of Combining
Systems''  were held  in Munich  (1996), in  Amsterdam (1998),  and in
Nancy (2000).  Like its predecessors, FroCoS'2002 is intended to offer
a  common  forum  for  research  activities in  the  general  area  of
combination and integration of systems, and on their practical use.

Suggested, but not exclusive topics of interest for the workshop are: 

 * combination of logics 

 * combination   of  constraint   solving   techniques,  of   decision
   procedures, of term rewriting systems

 * combination of deduction systems and computer algebra

 * integration of decision procedures and other solving processes into
   constraint programming and deduction systems 

 * modeling of hybrid systems 

 * logic modeling of multi-agent systems.

We expect to attract high  quality original papers that cover relevant
aspects of these topics. All submissions will be thoroughly evaluated.
On  the basis  of the  referee reports,  papers will  be  selected for
presentation at  the workshop and  published in the  proceedings which
will appear in Springer-Verlag LNAI series.

Program Committee:

A. Armando (U. Genova)		
D. Basin (U. Freiburg)		
F. Benhamou (U. Nantes)		
J. Calmet (U. Karlsruhe)
G. Delzanno (U. Genova)
B. Gramlich (TU Wien)		
D. Kapur (U. New Mexico)		
H. Kirchner (LORIA Nancy)	
M. Kohlhase (CMU)		
C. Ringeissen (LORIA Nancy)	
M. Rusinowitch (LORIA Nancy)	
K. Schulz (LMU Muenchen)
R. Sebastiani (U. Trento)	
C. Tinelli (U. Iowa)		
L. Vigano` (U. Freiburg)	
F. Wolter (U. Leipzig)

Program Chair:

Alessandro Armando
DIST - University of Genova
Viale Causa, 13
16145 - Genova
E-mail: armando@dist.unige.it

Local Organization:

A. Armando
L. Compagna
S. Ranise

Paper Submissions (NEW!)

Original  research  papers  and  descriptions of  working  systems  or
frameworks addressing the combination problem are solicited.

Authors  are  encouraged  to   use  LaTeX  and  the  standard  article
class/style  file (10pt).   The primary  means of  submission  will be
electronic,  in PostScript  format.  Both  research papers  and system
descriptions should  be compressed, then uuencoded,  and then e-mailed
to the  address frocos@mrg.dist.unige.it.  Research  papers should not
exceed 15 pages and should be received via e-mail by November 5, 2001.
System description  should not exceed  5 pages and should  be received
via  e-mail   by  November  15,   2001.   Submitted  papers   and  the
accompanying  e-mail message should  contain title,  author(s) (names,
correspondence  addresses, e-mail  addresses), and  abstract.  Results
must be unpublished, and not submitted for publication elsewhere.  The
proceedings of FroCoS'2002 will be published by Springer-Verlag in the
LNAI series and will be  available at the workshop.  Both the research
papers and the  system descriptions presented at the  workshop will be
published in the proceedings.

Important Dates:

   Submission of Research Papers (NEW!): November 5, 2001
   Submission of System Descriptions (NEW!): November 15, 2001
   E-mail for submissions: frocos@mrg.dist.unige.it

   Notification of Acceptance: December 30, 2001
   Final Versions due: January 20, 2002
   Workshop: April 8-10, 2002

Up-to-date information on FroCoS'2002 is available by WWW: