FMOODS 2002 - Student Workshop

20th  22nd March 2002: University of Twente, The Netherlands.

The workshop is intended for students within the area of Formal Methods for
Object-oriented and Component-based Systems.  All relevant topics are
considered, including but not restricted to:

1)	Formal models for distributed systems;
2)	Object-oriented, component-oriented or aspect-oriented systems;
3)	Testing, validation and verification;
4)	Semantics of object, component or aspect based programming languages;
5)	Formal support for software development;
6)	Formal models for security;
7)	Analysis of interactions between objects, components and aspects;
8)	Novel and innovative uses of formal methods;

The workshop offers an opportunity for students to meet and share their
research experiences, to discover commonalities in research and studentship,
and to foster a collaborative environment for joint problem solving.  PhD
students from both industry and academia are encouraged to attend in order
to ensure a broad, unconfined discussion.

This workshop extends the FMOODS 2002 conference:
The PhD Student workshop will be run in collaboration with the FMOODS 2002
and all participants will have full access to both the workshop and the
conference.  This workshop is being run for students by students.  A reduced
conference/workshop fee will be negotiated for all workshop participants, on
evidence of student status.

Workshop Organizers

Trevor Jones  Chair
Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK

Arend Rensink  FMOODS Liaison
Department of Computer Science, University of Twente, Netherlands

Lynne Blair  FMOODS Liaison
Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK

Programme Committee

Dino Distefano 	ddino@cs.utwente.nl
Rik Eshuis	eshuis@cs.utwente.nl
Sebastian Gutierrez-Nolasco	seguti@ics.uci.edu
Aidan Harding	a.t.harding@cs.bham.ac.uk
David Jansen	djansen@cs.utwente.nl
Ralph Miarka	rm17@ukc.ac.uk
Jianxiong Pang	j.pang@lancaster.ac.uk
Antonino Virgillito	virgi@dis.uniroma1.it
Matthias Zenger	matthias.zenger@epfl.ch

Submission Information

You can submit a 5-8 page position paper for review. The purpose of the
position paper is to give the other participants an overview of your work,
but it is probably also a good place to present some unusual and thought
provoking statements in order to ensure a lively discussion.

For consistency, the use of the Kluwer styles is recommended:

Alternatively, you can submit a 1 page (max) abstract for a poster, which
will be presented at the workshop.  The focus of these posters should be on
novel and innovative use or applications of formal methods.

Abstracts and position papers should be submitted to Trevor Jones
(t.jones@lancaster.ac.uk).  Preferred electronic format for submissions is
PDF or PS.  Authors of accepted posters will be asked to submit an A4 or A3
version of the poster prior to the workshop.  Full size posters should be
presented at the workshop.  Authors of accepted position papers will be
invited to give a 20 minutes presentation at the workshop.

Only students may submit to this workshop!  Help and guidance from
supervisors is allowed and encouraged, but should be acknowledged in an
acknowledgements section towards the end of the paper.

Accepted papers and abstracts will be informally published and will be made
available to all participants.

Important Dates:

January 18, 2002: 	Deadline for submission of position papers and abstracts
(for posters)
February 15, 2002: 	Notification of acceptance
February 22, 2002: 	Final versions of position papers, abstracts and (A4/A3)
March 20  22, 2002: 	Workshop