WITS at POPL: Workshop on Issues in the Theory of Security


		   Call for Participation

		      on Issues in the
		     Theory of Security
			 (WITS '02)

		    Portland Oregon, USA
		     January 14-15 2002

		 Co-located with POPL '02,
	       the 29th Annual ACM Symposium
	   on Principles of Programming Languages
		    (January 16-18 2002)
		  Register through POPL at

Preliminary Program

Monday, 14 January 2002

Session I: Security Properties

   o Vitaly Shmatikov, Dominic J.D. Hughes. Defining
     Anonymity and Privacy.
   o Riccardo Pucella, Vicky Weissman. A Logic for Reasoning
     about Digital Rights.
   o Riccardo Focardi, Sabina Rossi. A Security Property for
     Processes in Dynamic Contexts.
   o Ajay Chander, Drew Dean, John
     C. Mitchell. Deconstructing Trust Management.

Session II: Cryptographic Primitives and Protocol Analysis

   o Daniele Micciancio, Bogdan Warinschi. Completeness
     Theorems for the Abadi-Rogaway Language of Encrypted
   o Cathy Meadows, Paliath Narendran. A Unification
     Algorithm for the Group Diffie-Hellman Protocol.

Session III: Dolev-Yao-style Protocol Analysis

   o Gavin Lowe. Analysing protocols subject to guessing
   o Iliano Cervesato. The Wolf Within.
   o P. J. Broadfoot, A. W. Roscoe. Internalising Agents in
     CSP protocol models.

Panel: Survivability

Tuesday, 15 January 2002

Session IV: Non-Interference and Probability 
   (Joint session with PEPM, 
   Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Directed
   Program Manipulation.) 

   o Geoffrey Smith. Weak Probabilistic Bisimulation for
     Secure Information Flow.
   o Alessandro Aldini. On the Extension of Non-interference
     with Probabilities.
   o Alessandra Di Pierro, Chris Hankin, Herbert
     Wiklicky. On Approximate Non-Interference.

Session V: Protocol Development

   o Raphael Yahalom. Delegated Enforcement in Secure
   o Dominic Duggan. Cryptographic Types.
   o Carla Bodei, Pierpaolo Degano, Riccardo Focardi,
     Corrado Priami. Authentication Primitives for Refining
     Protocol Specifications.

Session VI: Protocol Verification Methods

   o Myla Archer. Proving Correctness of the TESLA Multicase
     Stream Authentication Protocol with TAME.
   o Stefania Gnesi, Diego Latella, Gabriele Lenzini. A
     BRUTUS Logic for the Spi-Calculus.
   o Maurizio Panti, Luca Spalazzi, Simone
     Tacconi. Verification of Security Properties in
     Electronic Payment Protocols.


The workshop is co-located with the POPL '02 conference,
which will be held at the Portland Marriott Downtown in
Portland Oregon. Registration, room rates, etc. are handled
in conjunction with POPL '02.
Overall Topic and Format of Workshop:

The IFIP WG 1.7 on "Theoretical Foundations of Security
Analysis and Design" was established to investigate the
theoretical foundations of security. It aims to discover and
promote new ways to apply theoretical techniques in computer
security, and to support the systematic use of formal
techniques in the development of security related

The workshop of Working Group 1.7 is an open event. All
researchers working on the theory of computer security are
invited. WITS '02 is the second workshop, the first having
been held in Geneva in July 2000 (WITS'00).

The program will encourage discussions by all attendees,
both during and after scheduled presentations, on
participants' ongoing work. Extended abstracts of work
accepted for presentation at the Workshop will be
distributed at the Workshop the participants. Although -- as
in 2000 -- there will be no formally published proceedings
of this year's workshop, selected papers will be invited for
submission to a special issue of the Journal of Computer
Security based on the Workshop.


Web: http://www.dsi.unive.it/IFIPWG1_7/wits2002.html

Program chair: Joshua Guttman
Postal address:
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General chair: Paul Syverson
Postal address:
      Code 5543
      Naval Research Laboratory
      Washington DC 20375 USA
E-mail: syverson@itd.nrl.navy.mil
Telephone: +1 202 404 7931
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Web: www.syverson.org

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