Host of TPHOLs 2003, call for bids

          ******* Call for bids to host TPHOLs 2003 *******

The organizers of TPHOLs2002 are requesting bids from the theorem
proving community to host the 16th International Conference on Theorem
Proving in Higher Order Logics, TPHOLs 2003.

Bids will be accepted for locations other than North America. Full
bids should include proposed location, names of organizers, proposed 
dates and format, the e-mail address of a contact person, details of
any plans to co-locate TPHOLs 2003 with other conference(s), and any
other details you wish to make known to voters. The full bids for
TPHOLs 2002 can be found on the Web at: 


Please send bids to tphols2002@larc.nasa.gov

* All bids will be acknowledged. *

Full bids will be accepted until 14 January 2002.

No pre-bids to host TPHOLs 2003 were received.

The TPHOLs 2002 Organizing Committee.