Ottawa Logic Group invites graduate student applications

Dear colleagues,

could you please circulate this announcement to anyone who might be
interested, particularly to bright prospective graduate students.

Thanks, -- Phil Scott, Rick Blute, and Peter Selinger

The University of Ottawa Logic Group (in the Mathematics Department) is
looking for qualified PhD and Master's students.  Our group consisting
of Richard Blute, Philip Scott, and Peter Selinger, works in a wide
range of areas of Logic and theoretical computer science, including: 
category theory, categorical logic, proof theory, linear logic, type
theory, programming language theory, theoretical computer science, and
foundations of physics.

The Mathematics Department Graduate Program is part of the
Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, and provides
a wide range of courses and programs. Ottawa is the capital of Canada,
and a beautiful, bilingual (English and French) city, 200 km west of

Funding for qualified PhD level students in logic is available--an
open competition for graduate students will be held in early February.
It is also possible to apply to pursue graduate studies with us
through SITE (the School of Information Technology and Software
Engineering--Computer Science Division), since some of us are
cross-appointed in Computer Science. Please enquire.

Outside the Mathematics Department, the Logic Group has several other
members, including Amy Felty, Tomoyuki Yamakami, and Luigi Logrippo
(SITE), Doug Howe and Leopoldo Bertossi (Carleton School of Computer
Science), and Mathieu Marion (Philosophy, Ottawa), plus visitors and
postdocs.  We have a weekly seminar in all areas of logic and in which
graduate students are encouraged to present their work.

For more information, see:

  http://quasar.mathstat.uottawa.ca/lfc/    (Logic Group)
  http://quasar.mathstat.uottawa.ca/grad/   (Graduate Program in Math)

Preliminary applications can be completed online, at


Or for further information, please contact us:

  Philip Scott          scpsg@matrix.cc.uottawa.ca
  Richard Blute         rblute@mathstat.uottawa.ca
  Peter Selinger        selinger@mathstat.uottawa.ca