Re: Formal semantics for C

On 22-Dec-2001, Matthias Felleisen <matthias@ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
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> There is also the work by Gurevitch (Michigan) using evolving algebras:
>   Yuri Gurevich and James K. Huggins, "The Semantics of the C Programming
>   Language". First appeared in Selected papers from CSL'92 (Computer
>   Science Logic), Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 702, 1993,
>   274--308.
>   http://www.eecs.umich.edu/gasm/papers/calgebra.html

Just for accuracy, note that Yuri has been at Microsoft Research for a
few years now (see <http://research.microsoft.com/~gurevich/>).

His work on the general subject of Evolving Algebras continues, but now
under the title Abstract State Machines. There is also a newer (1999)
"Montage version" of the C semantics:

	James K. Huggins and Wuwei Shen
	"The Static and Dynamic Semantics of C"
	Technical Report CPSC-2000-4, Computer Science Program,
	Kettering University, 1999. 

Postscript, PDF, etc. can be downloaded from this URL:


(links to more info on Montages may also be found there).

  --  Fritz Ruehr

PS: I can't make any claims about EAs/ASMs/Montages, but I enjoyed
Yuri's contributions to Michigan's CS dept. while I was there.