Re: Decidable polymorphic recursion?

Josef Svenningsson
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>> Hi!
>> Does anybody know of any work on type systems which are somewhere in
>> between the Damas-Milner and the Milner-Mycroft calculus in strength? What
>> I am looking for is a type system for which we can infer the types but
>> still gives some kind of (but of course not full) polymorphic recursion.
>> Any pointers appreciated.
>> 	/Josef
You might have a look to the paper by P. Cousot in POPL'97. Type
systems are obtained by abstract interpretation of a detotational
semantics with dynamic types. In particular, the Damas-Milner is
derived from the  Milner-Mycroft typing by a widening operation
after one fixpoint iteration. Other widenings are also suggested.
A full range of type systems between the two can be obtained
just by changing this wideing operation.

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