TYPES2002 Meeting Call for Presentations/Participation

+                     TYPES 2002 
+               April 24 -- April 28
+             Berg en Dal, Netherlands, 
+          http://www.cs.kun.nl/fnds/TYPES2002/
+               Call for Presentations
+               Call for Participation

The  2002 Meeting of the EC TYPES Network of Excellence will be held
in Berg en Dal (near Nijmegen) NL, 
	from APRIL 24 until APRIL 28. 
The meeting is organised by the Foundations group of the NIII, 
University of Nijmegen and sponsored by EC grant IST-1999-29001-TYPES.

We request submissions for talks and demonstrations on topics related 
to type theory and computer-assisted reasoning. 
Topics include, but are not limited to: 
      applications of type theory 
      programming with type theory 
      industrial uses of type theory technology 
      meta-theoretic studies of type systems 
      implementation of proof-assistants 
      automation in computer-assisted reasoning 
      links between type theory and functional programming 
      formalizing mathematics using type theory 
After the meeting, a refereed proceedings (LNCS) will be published.

On Saturday afternoon (April 27) we will celebrate the 
	60th birthday of Per Martin-L"of.
Invited speakers for this special occasion are
- Dana Scott
- Jean-Yves Girard
Participation and submission of talks or demos is open (i.e. not
restricted to members of the TYPES network

NOTE: Early registration is BEFORE MARCH 1st

For more information including forms for registration and submission of 
talks/demos, see the homepage of the workshop: 


Best Regards
Herman Geuvers
Dept. of Computer Science, KUN
url: http://www.cs.kun.nl/~herman