Linear Logic Workshop at FLoC'02

           FLoC'02 Workshop on Linear Logic  --  LL 2002 

               Copenhagen, Denmark, July 25-26, 2002

      Contributed Submissions Deadline: Monday, April 29, 2002 

   Organizers:  Samson Abramsky, Laurent Regnier, and Andre Scedrov

   Sponsors:  Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
              and the Association for Symbolic Logic

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract explaining recent research 
results or work in progress, in 5 pages or less, by April 29, 2002. The first 
page should include the title, the names, affiliations, and email addresses 
of the authors, and an abstract. 

Papers should be submitted electronically as an email attachment to 
Andre Scedrov <scedrov@cis.upenn.edu> in an email message with the title
"LL at FLoC'02" in order to distinguish it from everyday email. Paper 
formats are limited to portable postscript and PDF. Submissions that 
do not follow these instructions cannot be accepted. All accounted 
submissions will be confirmed by email. Submissions will be reviewed
by the organizers and the authors will be informed of the decision by 
May 25, 2002.