Doctoral Programme of CP-2002: Call for Applications

    Doctoral Programme  of the Eighth International Conference on
     Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP-2002)


                         September 7-13, 2002
                          Cornell University
                           Ithaca, NY, USA

                        CALL FOR APPLICATIONS

CP-2002 invites students to  apply for the CP-2002 Doctoral Programme,
which will  provide an opportunity for  a group of  Ph.D.  students to
discuss  and explore  their research  interests and  career objectives
with a panel of established researchers in Constraint Programming.

The   CP-2002 doctoral  programme  has  the  following objectives:  to
provide  a  setting  for  mutual  feedback  on  participants'  current
research  and guidance  on future  research directions;  to  develop a
supportive  community  of  scholars  and  a  spirit  of  collaborative
research; to support a  new generation of researchers with information
and  advice  on academic,  research,  industrial, and  non-traditional
career  paths;   to  contribute   to  the  conference   goals  through
interaction  with other  researchers and  participation  in conference

Program:  The program  will  consists of  students' presentations  and
tutorials given by senior researchers of the field.

Submissions:  We  encourage submissions  from  Ph.D.  students at  any
level,  and from  any  topic area  and  methodology within  constraint
programming.   On  the  basis   of  the  submissions,  the  Organizing
Committee  will select a  group of  students that  will be  invited to
present their work during the  Doctoral Programme, and also to present
a poster  at the CP-2002  poster session. We expect  a commitment from
all participating  students to  attend the entire  doctoral programme.
Students  accepted for  participation in  the Doctoral  Programme will
receive  complimentary conference registration  and a  fixed allowance
for travel/housing.  The students' abstracts will be made available on
the web and their printed version will be distributed on site.

Applicants should submit by e-mail to frossi@math.unipd.it an extended
abstract. It  should be at  most 6 pages  in length (usual  LNCS style
format), and should describe  original, unpublished work, completed or
in progress,  that is part  of the doctoral  work of the  student. The
extended abstract should be sent as a PostScript file.

In  addition, they  should ask  their dissertation  advisor to  send a
letter of  recommendation by e-mail to  frossi@math.unipd.it.  It must
include  an expected  date for  thesis submission.  In  addition, your
advisor  should indicate  what he  or she  hopes you  would  gain from
participation in the  doctoral programme.  This letter can  be sent in
as either a text or a PostScript file.

Important Dates:
-- May 1, 2002: Application Submission Deadline
-- June 1, 2002: Acceptance Notification
-- July 1, 2001: Final version due

Organizing Committee:
Carla Gomes (CP-2002 conference chair), Cornell University, USA
Eugene C. Freuder, University of New Hampshire, USA
Michela Milano, University of Bologna, Italy
Francesca Rossi, University of Padova, Italy
Pascal Van Hentenryck (CP-2002 program chair), Brown University, USA
Toby Walsh, University of York, UK

Inquiries:  Additional   information  will   be  posted  at   the  URL
www.math.unipd.it/~frossi/cp2002-doctoral.html and  may be obtained by
contacting    the    chair   of    the    organizing   committee    at