Summer School on Computational Logic

[TYPES readers will note several connections to type systems -- in
  particular, Cousot's course on abstraction interpretation.]

	     C A L L   F O R    P A R T I C I P A T I O N


       Second International Summer School on Computational Logic
			      ISCL 2002

		 Maratea (Italy), August 25-30, 2002



Computational Logic (CL), the topic of the School, has many
applications including the modeling of intelligent systems,
verification of software, and the support of systems for solving
computationally hard problems. Moreover, being founded on mathematical
logic, tools based on CL are themselves amenable to safe optimization
and verification techniques.

The School is aimed at graduate students as well as other interested
researchers, both from university and from industry.  There will be
six lecturers teaching different aspects of CL; covering both the
theoretical framework and relevant practical perspectives.  Each
lecture will provide the basic notions of its topic before proceeding
to more advanced issues. Final exams in the topics studied will be
available to participants on request.


* Krzysztof Apt, CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
   Principles of Constraint Programming

* Patrick Cousot, École Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris, France.
   Abstract Interpretation: Theory and Applications

* Veronica Dahl, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
   Logic Programming for Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Systems

* Bart Demoen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
   Topics in Logic Programming Implementation

* Javier Esparza, University of Edinburgh, UK.
   Model Checking of Finite and Infinite State Systems

* Nicola Leone, University of Calabria, Italy.
   Disjunctive Logic Programming: Knowledge Representation Techniques,
   Systems, and Applications

Course details are available at the
School home page (http://www.cs.unipr.it/ISCL02/).


The lectures will be given in the congress center of Hotel Villa del
Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea (Basilicata, Italy).  This hotel is in a
beautiful position in front of the sea, with a swimming pool, a lift
to its private beach, cinema-club and many other facilities.  Note
that lunch will be served in the grill restaurant which is just a few
meters from the beach and by the sea.

The hotel is 6 km from Maratea, an ancient city on the Gulf of
Policastro founded during the Greek period.  This stretch of coastline
is the only portion of Lucania on the Tyrrhenian sea and one of the
most beautiful in southern Italy.


The registration fee covers the lectures, course notes,
full board from the 24th to 30th August and social events.

Early registration is _strongly_ recommended.  As this is in the
holiday season, accommodation at Hotel Villa del Mare that is reserved
for participants is limited.  Late applicants may have to stay in
other available local accommodation.

There is no deadline for late registration, however the number of
participants is limited.

* Early registration (before May 15th)

       * double room: 900 Eur
       * single room: 1000 Eur

* Late registration (after May 15th)

       * double room: 1000 Eur
       * single room: 1100 Eur

More information (e.g., fees for accompanying persons) and
details about the registration procedure are available at the
School home page (http://www.cs.unipr.it/ISCL02/).

Grants to help with the registration fee may be available. The
deadline for applying for a grant is May 1st, 2002. To apply for a
grant, please contact the organizers at iscl02@cs.unipr.it.


The School is sponsored by

* ALP - The Association for Logic Programming

* CologNet - The European Network in Computational Logic

* GULP - The Italian association for Logic Programming.


For further information and updates, please see


or contact the School Organizers:
Roberto Bagnara                   Patricia M. Hill
University of Parma               University of Leeds
Italy                             United Kingdom

at the email address: iscl02@cs.unipr.it