FLoC 2002 - Registration Discounts and Travel Grants

                    The 2002 Federated Logic Conference
              Copenhagen, Denmark, July 20 -- August 1, 2002

Registration Discounts

Due to recently obtained external funding, participants who register
for one of FME, LICS, or RTA and one of CADE, CAV, ICLP, or TABLEAUX
are automatically entitled to a partial refund, to be issued during
on-site registration. The refund will be

                 50 EUR for students
                100 EUR for delegates

As the number of refunds is limited, this offer will not apply
indefinitely. If you meet the above criteria, please register now to
be eligible for it.

Grants & Scholarships

The European Union will fund a number of grants of up to 800 EUR each,
covering travel and accommodation expenses (but not the registration
fee). Researchers from Eastern European countries, as well as
Ph.D. students will be eligible.

In addition, some of the participating conferences offer travel grants
for students.

See http://floc02.diku.dk/floc/grants.html for more information.