Do you, or would you, teach ML or Scheme?

I am preparing a proposal to the NSF to fund development of improved 
tools for ML programming along the lines of the Dr. Scheme tools, but 
focused primarily on helping students (and other beginning ML 
programmers) understand type errors.

I need to provide some measure of possible interest in such a tool, 
so I am hoping you will answer the following few questions. 
Unfortunately, time is short, so I would appreciate replies as soon 
as you have a moment.

I will summarize to the list.

If you know anyone who teaches or has taught a functional language in 
a course who is likely not to have received this survey on the SIGCSE 
or types lists, please forward it to them.

Thanks for your help,

Josh Hodas


1) Do you currently teach  or use Scheme in any course? If so, what 
course, and do you use the Dr. Scheme tools?

2) Do you currently teach or use ML in any course? If so, in what course?

3) If you do use/teach ML, which compiler do you use, do you think 
your students would benefit from a tool that provided more 
understandable information about type errors and let them investigate 
the cause of those errors?

4) If you do not use ML, would you be more likely to adopt it if 
there were better student support tools of this sort?

5) If you currently teach or use any other functional language in a 
course, what language and what course?

6) If you previously taught or used any functional language but no 
longer do, what course and language, and why did you stop?

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