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            Annual Conference of the European Association for
                        Computer Science Logic


                 22--25 September 2002, Edinburgh, UK

    Call for Participation -- early registration deadline 19 July 2002


Computer Science Logic (CSL) is the annual conference of the European
Association for Computer Science Logic (EACSL). The conference is
intended for computer scientists whose research activities involve
logic, as well as for logicians working on issues significant for
computer science. Suggested topics of interest include: automated
deduction and interactive theorem proving, constructive mathematics
and type theory, equational logic and term rewriting, linear logic,
logical aspects of computational complexity, finite model theory,
higher order logic, logic programming and constraints, lambda and
combinatory calculi, logical foundations of programming paradigms,
modal and temporal logics, model checking, functions of program
development (specification, extraction, transformation...),
categorical logic and topological semantics, domain theory, database


The following will deliver invited lectures:
 Susumu HAYASHI (Kobe), on "Limit-Computable Mathematics and its Applications"
 Frank NEVEN (Limburg), on "Automata, Logic, and XML"
 Damian NIWINSKI (Warsaw), on "Mu-Calculus via Games"


Thirty-seven papers will be presented. The list of accepted papers
is appended to this message, and the abstracts are at:


On Saturday 21 September, two tutorials will be offered:
  Introduction to Mu-Calculi  by Julian Bradfield (morning) 
  Parameterized Complexity Theory  by Martin Grohe (afternoon) 


Further information and registration details will be found on
the conference Web page:



  On Continuous Normalization
    Klaus Aehlig, Felix Joachimski

  Resolution refutations and propositional proofs with height-restrictions
    Arnold Beckmann

  A fully abstract relational model of Syntactic Control of Interference
    Guy McCusker

  Local problems, planar local problems and linear time
    Regis Barbanchon, Etienne Grandjean

  Possible World Semantics for General Storage in Call-By-Value
    Paul Levy

  A Fixpoint Theory for Non-monotonic Parallelism
    Yifeng Chen

  Compactness and Continuity, Constructively Revisited
    Douglas Bridges, Hajime Ishihara, Peter Schuster

  Implicit computational complexity for higher type functionals
    Daniel Leivant

  A Tag-Frame System of Resource Management for Proof Search in Linear-Logic Programming
    Joshua Hodas, Pablo Lopez, Jeffrey Polakow, Lubomira Stoilova, Ernesto Pimentel

  On generalizations of semi-terms of particularly simple form
    Matthias Baaz, Georg Moser

  Greibach Normal Form in Algebraically Complete Semirings
    Zoltan Esik, Hans Leiss

  On the Automatizability of Resolution and Related Propositional Proof Systems
    Albert Atserias, Maria Luisa Bonet

  Classical Linear Logic of Implications
    Masahito Hasegawa

  Hoare Logics for Recursive Procedures and Unbounded Nondeterminism
    Tobias Nipkow

  Resource Tableaux (Extended Abstract)
    Didier  Galmiche, Daniel Mery, David Pym

  The Stuttering Principle Revisited
    Antonín  Kucera, Jan Strejcek

  Decidability of Bounded Higher-Order Unification
    Manfred Schmidt-Schauss, Klaus U. Schulz

  Solving Pushdown Games with a Sigma_3 Winning Condition
    Thierry Cachat, Jacques Duparc, Wolfgang Thomas

  Logical Relations for Monadic Types
    Jean Goubault-Larrecq, Slawomir Lasota, David Nowak

  Higher-Order Positive Set Constraints
    Jean Goubault-Larrecq

  Open Proofs and Open Terms: a Basis for Interactive Logic
    Herman Geuvers, Georgi Jojgov

   Bijections Between Partitions by Two-Directional Rewriting Techniques 
    Max Kanovich

  Proof Theoretical Account of Continuation Passing Style
    Ichiro Ogata

  Duality between Call-by-name Recursion and Call-by-value Iteration
    Yoshihiko Kakutani

  Proofnets and context semantics for the additives
    Harry Mairson, Xavier Rival

  Travelling on designs
    Claudia Faggian

  A logic of probability with decidable model-checking 
    Daničle  Beauquier, Alexander Rabinovich, Anatol Slissenko

  Optimal Complexity Bounds for Positive LTL Games
    Jerzy Marcinkowski, Tomasz Truderung

  Equivalence and Isomorphism for Boolean Constraint Satisfaction
    Elmar  Boehler, Edith Hemaspaandra, Steffen Reith, Heribert Vollmer

  Configuration Theories
    Pietro Cenciarelli

  On the variable hierarchy of the modal mu-calculus
    Dietmar Berwanger, Erich Graedel, Giacomo Lenzi

  Variants of realizability for propositional formulas and logic of the weak law of excluded middle
    Alexey Chernov, Dmitriy Skvortsov, Elena Skvortsova, Nikolai Vereshchagin

  Trading Probability for Fairness
    Marcin Jurdzinski, Orna Kupferman, Thomas A. Henzinger

  A Logic for Probabilities in Semantics
    M. Andrew Moshier, Achim Jung

  Partial Fixed-Point Logic and Infinite Structures
    Stephan Kreutzer

  Designs, disputes and strategies
    Claudia Faggian, Martin Hyland

  Extraction of Proofs from the Clausal Normal Form Transformation.
    Hans De Nivelle

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