professor position in Marseille

		 Call for application to a professor position

A permanent position of full professor of mathematics should become available
in 2003 at the Institut de Mathematiques de Luminy (IML, Marseille,
France). The recruited professor will be a member of the Logique De la
Programmation (LDP) research team of the IML, led by Jean-Yves Girard. For
more informations on our laboratory and team, see:
This page will contain a regularly updated version of this announcement.

We are interested by applications of researchers active in all the fields
connected to the study of computation from a theoretical viewpoint, such as:

Proof theory (intuitionistic, classical, linear logic...)
Lambda-calculus and functional programming
Quantum computing
Logic programming
Parallelism and concurrency
Homological/categorical study of computation
... and this list is not exhaustive!

The candidates should have a PhD in mathematics or theoretical computer science
(et les candidats francais devront bien sur avoir obtenu leur HDR pour le 1er
janvier 2003).

Teaching will be in French and the candidates should accept to learn French (if
necessary) before the starting date of lectures in October 2003.

Interested people should contact us as soon as possible, and most preferably
before the 1st of September 2002, by sending e-mails to

Thomas Ehrhard (ehrhard@iml.univ-mrs.fr) AND TO
Yves Lafont (lafont@iml.univ-mrs.fr)

More precise informations on the application procedure will be sent later on to
the candidates.