Cryptyc Research Associate Position

[ I'm reposting this because it appears that some people didn't get it 
  the first time.  --B ]

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce the following postdoctoral research 
associate position at the Foundations of Programming 
Languages group at DePaul University.  More details are available at:


Alan Jeffrey.

--- job details follow ---

                 Cryptyc Research Associate Position

                     Full Time Research Associate
              Salary Range $41,303.00-$55,000.00/yearly
       School of CTI, DePaul University, Chicago IL 60604, USA

The Research Associate's responsibility is on the Cryptyc project.  The
Cryptyc project is an NSF-funded Trusted Computing research project
investigating the use of type systems in providing secrecy and
authenticity guarantees for cryptographically secure communication
protocols.  The project is based on Gordon and Jeffrey's recent work in
applying techniques from dependent type-and-effect systems to
cryptographic protocols.  The aims of the project are: 1) to extend
existing type systems for cryptographic protocols with more powerful
attacker and agent models; 2) to integrate the resulting system into an
object component framework; and 3) to develop a library of validated
protocol components.

The project will support a postdoctoral research associate for 30 months
at the Foundations of Programming Languages research group at DePaul
University's School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and
Information Systems.

The start date is flexible; an ideal candidate would be available to
start work on 1 January 2003.  Applications should be submitted during
October 2002.

Please send a Curriculum Vitae to Alan Jeffrey at

Alan Jeffrey                   http://fpl.cs.depaul.edu/ajeffrey/
CTI, DePaul University, 243 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604, USA