CFC: SCP Special Issue on Program Transformation

The first item in the list of topics (see CFC below) is about
formal aspects of operator suites for program transformation.
This makes this CFC interesting for the types forum because
types obviously constitute a prime notion for studying properties
of transformation operators, for designing frameworks for
typed object and meta-programs, for driving program transformations,
and for verifying transformations.

Thanks for passing on to interested authors.

Ralf Laemmel
VU & CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Special Issue on Program Transformation

Science of Computer Programming

Guest Editor Ralf Lämmel

Call for contributions

The special issue is devoted to `program transformation' in the broader
context of software maintenance. That is, program transformation is meant
here in the sense of automated program adaptation by executable
transformations. Such transformations are used in software maintenance but
also in software development in various ways, e.g., for refactoring,
software migration, mass maintenance, change logging, schema evolution,
aspect weaving, and others. The special issue seeks high-quality
contributions studying the following dimensions of transformations:

   * formal aspects
     such as operator suites for transformations and their properties;

   * language design issues
     such as suitable language setups and meta-programming frameworks;

   * infra-structural issues
     such as the relation to front-ends, program analysis, interfaces;

   * software engineering aspects
     such as scaling, testing and maintaining transformations;

   * emerging fields
     such as unanticipated software evolution;

   * case studies
     such as lessons learned in large-scale transformation projects.

 Deadline for paper submissions: 1 April 2003
 Author's notification:          1 July 2003
 Special issue's publication:    End of 2003

The submissions should be sent in PS or PDF to the guest editor via email.
If you are not sure about the suitability of a given subject, or if you want
to know more details about the special issue's intent, do not hesitate to
contact the guest editor. The guest editor's email address is ralf@cwi.nl;or
see the URL http://www.cwi.nl/~ralf/. For details about the policy of the
Science of Computer Programming journal and the requirements for prospective
authors, see a recent issue of the journal and check the journal's web site