RTA'03: call for papers

The RTA'03 call for papers might be relevant for
readers of the types list because papers concerning
lambda calculus, proof nets, higher-order rewriting,
and applications of rewriting in theorem proving and
proof checking are explicitly invited.


             *                            *
             *  RTA'03   CALL FOR PAPERS  *
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The 14th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques
and Applications (RTA'03) will be part of the
Federated Conference on Rewriting Deduction and Programming


* January 15 2003 electronic submission of title + abstract
* January 22 2003 electronic submission of papers
* March 15   2003 notification of acceptance
* April 7    2003 final version of accepted papers

* June 9-11 2003 RTA'03
* June 8-14 2003 RPD'03

RTA is the major forum for the presentation of
research on all aspects of rewriting.
Typical areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  case studies; (rule-based) programming; symbolic and
  algebraic computation; theorem proving;
  system synthesis and verification; proof checking.

  matching and unification; completion techniques;
  strategies; constraint solving; explicit substitutions.

  string, term, and graph rewriting; lambda-calculus and
  higher-order rewriting; proof nets; constrained
  rewriting/deduction; categorical and infinitary rewriting.

  compilation techniques; parallel execution; rewriting tools.

  equational logic; rewriting logic.

Harald Ganzinger         (Max-Planck-Institut)
Claude Kirchner          (Nancy)
Salvador Lucas           (Valencia)            (Conference Chair)
Chris Lynch              (Clarkson)
Jose Meseguer            (Urbana)
Robert Nieuwenhuis       (Barcelona)           (Program Chair)
Tobias Nipkow            (Munich)
Vincent van Oostrom      (Utrecht)
Christine Paulin         (Paris-sud)
Frank Pfenning           (Carnegie Mellon)
Mario Rodriguez-Artalejo (Madrid)
Sophie Tison             (Lille)
Ashish Tiwari            (SRI)
Andrei Voronkov          (Manchester)
Hantao Zhang             (Iowa)

Submissions must be original and not submitted for
publication elsewhere.  Submission categories include
regular research papers and system descriptions. Also
problem sets and submissions decribing interesting
applications of rewriting techniques will be very welcome.
As usual, accepted papers will appear in the
Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes series.
More information about paper submission will be available
at the RDP'03 web page