TLCA 2003 Last call for papers

                    Sixth International Conference on

            Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications (TLCA '03)

                    Valencia, Spain, 10-12 June 2003

                   Second and Final Call for Papers
	          SUBMISSION DEADLINE 2 December 2002

TLCA is getting into shape: we now have three excellent confirmed INVITED
SPEAKERS: David McAllester, Georges Gonthier, and Ralph Loader, whose
presentations promise to make TLCA an exciting event next summer. You can
make it even more exciting by submitting a COOL PAPER on ...

... original research results that are broadly relevant to the theory and
applications of typed calculi. The following list of topics is

    * Proof-theory: Natural deduction and sequent calculi, cut
      elimination and normalisation, linear logic and proof nets,
      type-theoretic aspects of computational complexity
    * Semantics: Denotational semantics, game semantics, realisability,
      categorical models
    * Implementation: Abstract machines, parallel execution, optimal
      reduction, type systems for program optimisation
    * Types: Subtypes, dependent types, type inference, polymorphism,
      types in theorem proving
    * Programming: Foundational aspects of functional and
      object-oriented programming, proof search and logic programming,
      connections between and combinations of functional and logic
      programming, type checking

The programme of TLCA'03 will consist of three invited talks and about
25 selected presentations in plenary sessions.
There will be three invited talks by David McAllester (joint with RTA),
Georges Gonthier, and Ralph Loader.

The Programme Committee consists of:

A. Asperti (University of Bologna)
 T. Coquand (Chalmers University,
 V. Danos (University Paris VII)
 M. Hofmann
(Chair; University of Munich)
 P.-A. Mellies (CNRS, Paris)
 J. Palsberg (Purdue University)
Schwichtenberg (University of Munich)
 N. Shankar (SRI International,
Menlo Park)
 P. Urzyczyn (Warsaw University)

TLCA'03 will be held in Valencia, Spain, 10-12 June 2003, and will be
colocated with RTA and FTP to form the RDP joint conference.

The TLCA Steering Committee :

 S. Abramsky (Chair; Oxford
H. Barendregt (University of Nijmegen)
 M. Dezani-Ciancaglini (University of Torino)
 R. Hindley (University of Swansea)

TLCA'03 will be held in Valencia, Spain, and will be colocated with RTA
and FTP to form the RDP joint conference.

Original contributions: should be sent by E-mail (Postscript files only)
to the programme chair:

 and a short abstract should
be sent as a separate E-mail; it should use only standard ASCII characters.
Hard copy (6 copies) is also acceptable, to the address

Martin Hofmann
Institut für Informatik
Oettingenstr. 67
80538 München, Germany
fax: (+)-49-89-21809338

Papers should not exceed 15 pages in Springer LNCS format and should
allow the Programme Committee to assess the merits of the work: in
particular references and comparisons with related work should be
included. Submission of material already published or submitted to other
Conferences with Proceedings is not allowed.

Relevant dates:

      Submissions: December 2, 2002
      Acceptance/rejection: January 30, 2003
      Definitive versions due: March 15, 2003

The accepted papers will be published as a volume of Springer Lecture
Notes in Computer Science. Information about LNCS can be found at the
home page http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/index.html

More details about the Conference will become available later from the
Organising Commitee.


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