Research Grants at UPM

The CLIP Group, Technical University of Madrid (UPM), offers 2
pre-doctoral, 4-year scholarships (research assistant level) available
within the area of programming language technology: program analysis,
transformation, and compilation.

The work, intended to lead to a Ph.D., is to be done as a member of
the CLIP Group http://www.clip.dia.fi.upm.es, within a nationally
funded research project. The scholarships are funded by the Ministry
of Science and Technology http://www.mcyt.es.

Requirements for candidates are detailed in the CLIP group's job
openings page: http://www.clip.dia.fi.upm.es/Job_Openings/jobs.html

Application deadline is December 6th, 2002 (strict).

Please, send a short CV, including previous research work and
publications, and 1 to 3 references in electronic form in reply to
this message.

The main theme of the work envisioned within the scholarships is to
advance the state of the art of automatic program manipulation
techniques. The objective is to increase the power of such techniques
and integrate them in practical tools within the Ciao multi-paradigm
programming system, including logic, functional, constraint, and
object-oriented programming. One additional objective is to target
program optimizations to the needs of the computational elements of
pervasive computing environments. One of the main lines of work
implies extending the program compilation and development tools so
that they can be used in such an environment to reduce program
resource consumption and to instrument programs to perform dynamic
control of such consumption during execution. The final aim is to
develop an environment that would be an ideal candidate for
programming ambient intelligence in mobile and pervasive computing