HOSC call for papers about Krivine's abstract machine

Call for papers

Special issue of Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation
dedicated to Krivine's abstract machine

Submission deadline: February 14, 2002

The Krivine machine has been rediscovered many times and in many
settings, be it by inventive power, by derivation, or by reconstruction.
The goal of this special issue is to document the variety of these
rediscoveries, derivations, and reconstructions.  The articles we are
seeking can be either formal, informal, or experimental, as long as they
are insightful and shed light on the Krivine machine or a variant of it.

Jean-Louis Krivine has kindly accepted to write a journal version of his
original description, which so far has only been available in draft form
and in French on his home page.  The special issue will start with this

Submissions, in pdf or ps format, should be sent to <hosc@brics.dk> by
February 14, 2003.  The full submission procedure is described in HOSC's
home page <http://www.wkap.nl/journals/hosc>, which includes a pointer to
the Kluwer style files.  Each submission will be formally reviewed.

Questions (e.g., about the appropriateness of a submission) and comments
should be directed to Olivier Danvy <danvy@brics.dk>.