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Publicity Chair

                 GPCE 2003: Call for Contributions
                  2nd International Conference on
         Generative Programming and Component Engineering

                       September 22-25, 2003
                          Erfurt, Germany
                      Part of NetObjectDays'03

           In Cooperation with ACM SIGPLAN and SIGSOFT

Generative and component approaches have the potential to revolutionize
software development in a similar way as automation and components
revolutionized manufacturing. Generative Programming (developing programs
that synthesize other programs), Component Engineering (raising the level
of modularization and analysis in application design), and Domain-Specific
Languages (elevating program specifications to compact domain-specific
notations that are easier to write and maintain) are key technologies for
automating program development. GPCE arose as a joint conference, merging
the prior conference on Generative and Component-Based Software Engineering
(GCSE) and the Workshop on Semantics, Applications, and Implementation of
Program Generation (SAIG). The goal of GPCE is to provide a meeting place
for researchers and practitioners interested in cutting edge approaches
to software development.

Thanks to the co-location with NetObjectDays, one of the largest
main-stream software development conferences in Germany, the GPCE'03
presentations are expected to have a high attendance by industry
practitioners, in addition to regular conference attendees.

Important Dates:
Technical paper submission:         Apr  6, 2003
Workshop proposal submission:       Apr  6, 2003
Practitioner report submission:     May 18, 2003
Tutorials proposal submission:      May 18, 2003
Demonstration proposal submission:  May 18, 2003
Poster proposal submission:         Jul 13, 2003
Notification of acceptance for
     Technical papers:               May 25, 2003
     Workshop proposals:             Apr 20, 2003
     Practitioner reports:           Jun  1, 2003
     Tutorials proposals:            Jun  1, 2003
     Demonstration proposals:        Jun  1, 2003
     Poster proposals:               Jul 27, 2003
Camera ready copy:                  Jun 22, 2003

Detailed submission instructions are available at:

Technical Papers
The GPCE'03 conference invites high quality papers reporting research
results and/or experience related to generative programming and component
engineering. We seek papers both in software engineering and in programming
languages, and especially those that bridge the gap and are accessible to
both communities at the same time. The conference solicits submissions
related (but not limited) to:

* Generative Programming: Reuse, meta-programming, partial evaluation,
   multi-stage and multi-level languages,
* Semantics, type systems, symbolic computation, linking and explicit
   substitution, in-lining and macros, templates, program transformation
* Runtime code generation, compilation, active libraries, synthesis from
   specifications, development methods, generation of non-code artifacts,
   formal methods, reflection.
* Product Lines and architectures
* Industrial Applications
* Component-Based Software Engineering: Reuse, distributed platforms,
   distributed systems, evolution, analysis and design patterns,
   development methods, formal methods
* Integration of Generative and Component-Based Approaches
* Domain Engineering, analysis, and languages, domain-specific notations
* Separation of Concerns: Aspect-Oriented Programming,
   Intentional Programming, and Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns
* Model-driven architecture

Reports on applications of these techniques to real-world problems are
especially encouraged, as are submissions that relate ideas and concepts
from several of these topics, or bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Research papers should describe work that advances the current state of
the art. The program committee will evaluate each contributed paper based
on its relevance, significance, clarity and originality. The program
committee is happy to advise on the appropriateness of a particular

Authors are invited to submit papers of at most 12 pages in ACM proceedings
format, in PDF form, by April 6, 2003. This deadline is firm. Simultaneous
submission to other venues and submission of previously published material
are not allowed. Electronic submission will be required, except by special
arrangement with the program chairs.

Practitioner Reports
GPCE '03 will feature a track geared towards industry and practice,
where practitioners will present their experience and insight in applying
generative and component-based technologies. We solicit reports in two

* Project reports describing successfully completed projects that
   applied technologies within the scope of GPCE'03.
* Experience reports focussing on a particular aspect of technology usage and
   practice, or describe broad project experiences.

The report submissions will be reviewed separately from technical paper
submissions by a practitioner report committee.

GPCE workshops provide intensive collaborative environment to explore
a specific sub-area of generative and component technology in depth,
cover areas that cross the borders of several sub-areas, or focus on
the applications and deployment of generative and/or component
technology in a particular application domain. Workshops will take
place on the first day of the conference.

Young Researchers Workshop
As in the past year, the conference will feature a one day doctoral
symposium, where a panel of experts will review and discuss submissions
from graduate students and other young researchers. For more details about
submissions, please contact the YRW Chairs Isabel John (john@iese.fhg.de)
and Matthias Clauss (Matthias.Clauss@gmx.de).

We invite proposals for high-quality tutorials in all areas of
generative programming and component-based development. Tutorial levels
may be introductory, intermediate, or advanced. Introductory
tutorials should seek to educate the participants about the basic concepts
and techniques of generative and component-based development.
More advanced tutorials may cover advanced development techniques and/or
underlying theory.

We invite proposals for demonstrating novel tools, systems, or techniques
from both commercial and academic communities. Demonstrations should focus
on technical aspects. Demonstrations showing how a specific technology is
used in real world scenarios are particularly welcome. Both work in progress
or proven techniques are appropriate. Product marketing is inappropriate in
this forum.

Posters at GPCE provide an excellent forum for authors to present their
work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters are ideal for presenting
speculative, late-breaking results or for giving an introduction to interesting,
innovative work.

The GPCE '03 exhibits will be held together with the exhibits of NetObjectDays'03,
one of the largest main-stream software development conferences in Germany.
Therefore, this will be an excellent forum to reach potential customers with
news and demonstrations of your latest products, publications or services.
If you would like your company to participate as an exhibitor at
the conference, please refer to the web site for submission instructions.

GPCE'03 Best Contribution Awards
The GPCE'03 audience will elect the best contributions in the following categories:
* Best Paper
* Best Practitioner Report
* Best Commercial Tool
* Best Non-Commercial Tool
* Best Industrial Project

Organizing Committee
General Chair:
Krzysztof Czarnecki, DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology, Germany.

Program Committee Chairs:
Frank Pfenning, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Yannis Smaragdakis, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Workshop Chair:
Kasper Osterbye, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Tutorial Chair:
Gerd Frick, FZI, Karlsruhe, Germany

Demonstration Chair:
Markus Voelter, independent consultant, Germany

Poster Chair:
Jorn Bettin, SoftMetaWare, New Zealand

Industrial Chair:
Ulrich W. Eisenecker, University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany

Publicity Chair:
Akos Ledeczi, Vanderbilt University, USA

Young Researchers Workshop Chairs
Isabel John, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany (john@iese.fhg.de )
Matthias Clauss, Solutionline CSS, Germany (Matthias.Clauss@gmx.de)

Program Committee Members (near-final):
Giuseppe Attardi, University of Pisa, Italy
Don Batory, University of Texas, USA
Ira Baxter, Semantic Designs, USA
Ted Biggerstaff, softwaregenerators.com, USA
Shigeru Chiba, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Rowan Davies, University of Western Australia, Australia
Premkumar Devanbu, University of California, Davis, USA
Ulrich W. Eisenecker, University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany
Robert Glueck, Waseda University, Japan
Trevor Jim, AT&T Labs Research, USA
Gregor Kiczales, University of British Columbia, Canada
Kai Koskimies, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Julia Lawall, DIKU, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Eugenio Moggi, DISI, University of Genova, Italy
Jim Neighbors, Bayfront Technologies, USA
Calton Pu, Georgia Tech, USA
Olin Shivers, Georgia Tech, USA
Clemens Szyperski, Microsoft Research, USA
Peter Thiemann, University of Freiburg, Germany
Eelco Visser, Utrecht University, The Netherlands