First APPSEM-II Workshop



		       First APPSEM-II Workshop
			26th - 28th March 2003
		      Nottingham, United Kingdom

The first annual workshop of  the IST working group APPSEM-II (Applied
Semantics II) will be held  at the University of Nottingham from 26-28
March 2003.  All  members of the working group  are invited to attend,
but participation of non-members  from both academia and industry with
interests  in application-oriented  programming language  semantics is
actively encouraged.   The purpose of  the workshop is to  present new
results and plan future work in each of the nine themes of the group:

   A - Program structuring: OO programming, modules (Didier Remy);
   B - Proof assistants, functional programming,
          and dependent types (Thierry Coquand);
   C - Program analysis, generation, and configuration (Neil Jones);
   D - Specification and verification methods (Uday Reddy);
   E - Types and type inference in programming (Fritz Henglein);
   F - Games, sequentiality, and abstract machines (Pierre-Louis Curien);
   G - Semantic methods for distributed computing (Glynn Winskel);
   H - Resource models and web data (Peter O'Hearn, Philippa Gardner);
   I - Continuous phenomena in Computer Science (Achim Jung).

For each theme there will  be a session of presentations, organised by
the theme leader (in parentheses  above).  There will also be a number
of invited presentations, an industrial panel session, a brainstorming
session, and  a business meeting.   Following on from the  workshop an
informal proceedings will be published on the web.

Further  details regarding  registration,  accommodation, travel,  etc
will  be available shortly.   In the  meantime, if  you would  like to
attend  the workshop,  please email  appsem03@cs.nott.ac.uk  by FRIDAY
31ST JANUARY.  If you would like to give a talk, please also include a
title,  short abstract (and  paper if  available), and  a list  of the
themes to which it is relevant in order from most to least.

Note that the fun of programming symposium in honour of Richard Bird's
60th birthday  will be held in  Oxford during the two  days before the
workshop, so participants may like to attend both events.

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Graham Hutton
Workshop Organiser

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