Fields Institute Summer School in Logic & Theoretical CS

Dear Colleagues:

This is an update of the last announcement.

June will be theoretical computer science month at U. Ottawa! The
Field's Institute will sponsor a summer school in Logic and
Foundations of Computation at the University of Ottawa this
summer, June 2-20, 2003.  This program will be hosted by the logic
group in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the
University of Ottawa  (consisting of Philip Scott, Richard Blute,
and Peter Selinger). 

The program will consist of 2 weeks of courses for graduate
students, then a week of workshops in several areas of 
theoretical computer science.   This program is particularly aimed
at graduate students in mathematics, logic, theoretical computer
science, mathematical linguistics and related areas. The program
culminates in the 18th annual IEEE Logic in Computer Science
(LICS2003) meeting at U. Ottawa June 21-27.  For the latter,
see  http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/als/lics/.

Weeks 1,2:  Each week will consist of two courses (one in the
morning, the other in the afternoon), taught by experts in the
area. We are also expecting visiting experts, who may give
informal seminars as well.   We are planning topics that include: 

Week 1: (a) Categorical Logic and type theory and  (b) Linear Logic. 

Lectures will be given by our logic group, as well as visiting scholars.
Among the visitors we are pleased to have Thomas Ehrhard (Marseille),
Robert Seely (McGill), and Robin Cockett (Calgary).

Week 2:  (a) Game Semantics   and (b) Concurrency.

We are honoured to announce that Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
and Glynn Winskel (Cambridge), resp.,  will be lecturing
on the two topics above.  We hope to have other distinguished visitors who
will give additional lectures.

Week 3:  Fields Institute Workshops.  These include, among other topics, 

June 15-16:  Quantum Programming Languages   (Org:  Peter Selinger),
June 17:  Game Semantics  (In preparation)
June 18-19: Mathematical Linguistics (Org:  J. Lambek)
June 19-20:  Mobility Workshop  (In preparation)

Further details on these workshops will be forthcoming.

Some limited funding scholarships will be made available to
graduate students for attending the summer school.
To apply for this money, we ask that you contact 
us and include the following information:

1) A one-page email letter stating your background as well as why you 
are interested in attending. 
2) The letter should also state whether you have access to any other
funding to attend.
3) An email letter of reference from your supervisor or an appropriate 
other person.
Preference will be given to students working in the areas covered by 
the Fields Summer School. Applications should be received by
February 28.

Non-students are of course welcome to attend the summer school and/or
workshops; there will be a nominal registration fee for attendance.  

For further information to apply, please contact any of us:

Philip Scott  (phil@site.uottawa.ca)
Richard Blute  (rblute@mathstat.uottawa.ca)
Peter Selinger  (selinger@mathstat.uottawa.ca)

The Webpage of the Fields Institute Summer School in Logic and Theoretical
Computer Science is: