Summer school on the Foundation of Security

                       Preliminary Announcement 
             Summer School on the Foundations of Security
                         Eugene, Oregon, USA 
                        June 16 - 27 , 2003 
  Martin Abadi      University of California at Santa Cruz
  Zena M. Ariola    University of Oregon
  Hugo Herbelin     INRIA 
  John Mitchell     Stanford University

Scientific committee: 
  Luca Cardelli          Microsoft Research, Cambridge 
  Pierre-Louis Curien    University of Paris 7
  Robert Harper          Carnegie Mellon University
  Catuscia Palamidessi   INRIA
  Frank Pfenning         Carnegie Mellon University 
  Benjamin Pierce        University of Pennsylvania

The summer school on the Foundation of Security
is a two week course for computer scientists and mathematicians
interested in formal methods applied to software security. 
The program runs from Monday, June 16 to Friday, June 27, 2003.

Graduate students who wish to attend should send an application
consisting of a short description of their educational background
and one letter of reference to summer-school-security@cs.uoregon.edu.
We anticipate making available a number of grants to cover travel and
lodging costs for qualified graduate students. 

A web site with more information will be available soon
at http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/activities/summerschool/summer03/. 
You can access information (including great pictures!) on last year summer 
school at

Preliminary program 

- Type Systems  
  Robert Harper - Carnegie Mellon University

- Inductive Types  
  Christine Paulin - INRIA

- Linear Logic   
  Pierre-Louis Curien - University of Paris 7

- Coinduction and bisimulation  

- Formal methods and security 
  Catherine A. Meadows - Naval Research Laboratory 

- Cryptographic Protocols  
  Cedric Fournet - Microsoft Research, Cambridge 

- Language Based Information Security 
  Steve Zdancewic  - University of Pennsylvania 

- Typed Assembly Languages and Proof Carrying Code 
  David Walker - Princeton University 

- Global Computing  
  Vladimiro Sassone - University of Sussex 

- Linear Logic and Security  
  Iliano Cervesato - Naval Research Laboratory