CfP: Onward! at OOPSLA 2003

Seeking New Paradigms & New Thinking

Chair: Richard P. Gabriel, Sun Microsystems


The OOPSLA 2003 Onward!  Track welcomes papers describing new paradigms and
metaphors in computing, new thinking about objects, new framings of
computational problems and systems, and new technologies.  Onward!  papers
need not advance the state of the art, but should aim, instead, to alter or
redefine the art by proposing a leap forward-or sideways-regarding
computing.  Papers in the following areas are welcome, as are any papers
representing radical thinking of interest to theoreticians and
practitioners at OOPSLA:

     * programming language theory, practice, and design
     * architectures
     * software development
     * methodologies
     * environments
     * education
     * ethics
     * paradigms, metaphors, philosophy, and problem framings

An Onward!  paper need not contain a fully worked out theory or implemented
system, but must be well-thought-out, well-written, and compelling in its
vision or uniqueness of thinking.  Papers submitted to Onward!  will be
reviewed by a separate program committee, and in some cases papers
submitted to the regular Technical Program may be directed to Onward!.
Accepted papers will be presented in parallel with the OOPSLA regular
technical program and published in an ACM publication.  There is no page
limit for submitted papers, but there may be reasonable publication limits.
Onward!  will have a Keynote speaker during an evening session open to the
general public.

The Onward!  Track is separate from the regular OOPSLA technical
program-regular technical papers should be submitted to the OOPSLA
Technical Program.  Onward!  papers will not appear in the OOPSLA
Proceedings nor will papers be subject to the same rules of the Technical
Program review process.

Important Dates

Firm deadline for receipt of submissions: March 21, 2003
Notification of acceptance or rejection: tbd
Deadline for camera-ready copy: tbd

For More Information

For additional information, clarification, or answers to questions, please
contact the Onward!  Chair, Richard P. Gabriel, at onward!@oopsla.acm.org.


Program Committee

Geoff Cohen, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
William Cook, Allegis Corporation
Walter Fontana, Santa Fe Institute
Richard P. Gabriel, Sun Microsystems
David West, New Mexico Highlands University