Post-doctoral Fellowships at Chalmers University

Post-doctoral Fellowships at Chalmers University

We are seeking one or two postdoctoral research fellows to work at the
Department of Computing Science on the CoVer project (COmbining
VERification methods), a collaboration between the functional
programming, formal methods, and programming logic groups. The goal of
the project is to integrate testing and formal verification methods in
a program development environment for Haskell programs. We have been
awarded 8MSEK (about 870,000 euros) by the Swedish Foundation for
Strategic Research to fund this work. The project leaders are John
Hughes, Mary Sheeran, Peter Dybjer, and Thierry Coquand.

We are looking for well qualified candidates with a recent doctorate
in a related area, and with proven system building skills, to spend up
to two years with us as Research Fellows. We are looking for
candidates familiar with some or all of these areas:

* functional programming, especially using Haskell
* dependent types and logic
* proof editors
* automated theorem provers
* program analysis and transformation

Responsibilities will include system development in Haskell.

Further information on the CoVer project is available at


Successful applicants will receive a tax-free fellowship of around
16,000 SEK per month (about 1,750 euros), which is sufficient to live
comfortably in Göteborg. Swedish tax law restricts these fellowships
to people coming from abroad: those presently working in Sweden are
not eligible. Start date is negotiable from 1 September to 1 January

Gothenburg is an attractive city on the Swedish west coast, offering
an excellent quality of life. It has all the cultural amenities you

would expect of Sweden's second city, and the easy access to unspoiled
nature of a country with less than 10% the population density of the
UK! A good starting point for information on the city is


Candidates are welcome to contact any of the Principal Investigators
with questions. Please email an application letter, together with your
CV and a copy of *one* relevant publication to cover@cs.chalmers.se,
by Sunday June 29th at the latest. Your application letter should
specifically address your system building skills as well as your
research experience. Attached documents should be Postscript or PDF.

John Hughes     rjmh@cs.chalmers.se
Mary Sheeran    ms@cs.chalmers.se
Peter Dybjer    peterd@cs.chalmers.se
Thierry Coquand coquand@cs.chalmers.se