Re: Suggestions for textbook?

Le jeudi, 26 jun 2003, à 21:20 Europe/Paris, Mitchell Wand a écrit :

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> This fall I will be teaching a 1-credit seminar for freshmen in our
> honors program.
> They will be taking this at the same time as they get the introductory
> CS course (out of How to Design Programs, by Felleisen et al), and a
> discrete math course (taught out of Rosen, Discrete Mathematics and
> its Applications 5ed).
> My goal is to give them something that will challenge but not
> overwhelm them and that will somehow complement what they are getting
> in these courses.
> My plan is to give them a look at computability theory, using
> lambda-calculus as a vehicle.  This will allow them to think about
> doing mathematics about programs and writing programs about
> mathematical objects.
> If I can get them through the undecidability of the halting problem in 
> the
> term, I will count myself successful.
> Does anyone have suggestions for a text or other materials that might
> be suitable for this?

Hello, Mitch. Why don't you have a look at item 83 in my bibliography
It comes with an executable archive in Ocaml - the whole course is 
It covers basics of computability theory and a fair dose of