Fresh Objective Caml


On behalf of the FreshML research project at the University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory, I am pleased to announce the availability of Fresh
Objective Caml.

What is it?

Fresh O'Caml is an extension of the Objective Caml language
<http://caml.inria.fr/ocaml/> with facilities for correctly manipulating
object-language syntax involving alpha-convertible names and binding

The current implementation of Fresh O'Caml is still somewhat
experimental: many known optimisations have yet to be implemented and
there are undoubtably other shortcomings, or even bugs in the current
release.  Please bear this in mind if you use it!

Where to get it?

The Fresh Objective Caml source is available at
<http://www.freshml.org/foc/>.  It should compile on any system
on which O'Caml builds.  Please note that a native-code compiler is not
provided at this time. The website also contains user documentation and
examples, together with links to two recent research papers which
are relevant to the language.  Further background information on the
novel features that Fresh O'Caml adds to O'Caml is at the FreshML
Project web page <http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~amp12/freshml/>.

Where to complain?

Should you have problems with Fresh O'Caml, please see
<http://www.freshml.org/bugs/>. Please don't bother the Caml team with
bug reports about Fresh O'Caml, even if the problem appears not to be
related to the new features.

Where to get help?

There is a new mailing list for general discussion about Fresh
O'Caml and FreshML.  Please visit
<http://lists.freshml.org/mailman/listinfo/freshml/> if you would like
to join, or to browse list archives.

Mark Shinwell -- http://mrs30.quns.cam.ac.uk/ -- Mark.Shinwell@cl.cam.ac.uk
Theory and Semantics Group, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory