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Academic Programs in Urban Transportation Systems

Courses in Urban Transportation taught by Professor Vuchic in the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering:

Other transportation related courses in the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering:

For more information on studying with the UrbTrans Group, please visit the Electrical & Systems Engineering undergraduate or graduate program webpages.

Other transportation related courses at the Department of City and Regional Planning at the School of Design:

Other transportation-related courses at the Department of Business and Public Policy at the Wharton School:

Related courses provided at the Department of Electrical & Systems Engineering:

  • ESE 301: Engineering Probability
  • ESE 304: Optimization of Systems
  • ESE 391: Computer Aided Design
  • ESE 523: Service System Engineering
  • ESE 600: Economic Systems Analysis
  • ESE 602: Stochastic Processes
  • ESE 603: Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • ESE 604: Introduction to Optimization Theory
  • ESE 606: Computation of Equilibria
  • ESE 607: Advanced Continuous Optimization
  • ESE 611: Advanced Integer Programming
  • ENM 503 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

For more information on any of these courses, please visit the website of the University Registrar.

How to Apply

Interested persons should contact Professor Vuchic directly (, 215.898.8345) or the School of Enginnering Admissions Office (http://www.seas.upenn.edu/admissions.html)

Supporting Programs and Funds

Professor Vukan R. Vuchic Scholarship for Transportation Engineering
UPS Foundation Transportation Program
Richard K. Dentel Memorial Fund
David Williamson Memorial Fund
MAUTC (Mid Atlantic University Transportation Centers)