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Events & Activities with the Urban Transportation Systems Group

Recent Lectures & Seminars (2004 - Present):

  • Antonio Musso, Professor, University of Rome, "Improving Urban Mobility Management: the Rome Case", January 27, 2005

  • Yuri Bocharov, Professor and Academician, "Urban Problems in the Transitional Period in Russia, with Special Emphasis on Transportation in Moscow", May 20, 2004

  • Wolfgang Meyer, President, Internation Association of Public Transport (UITP), "Intermodal Integration in Successful Urban and Regional Transit Systems", March 30, 2005

  • Wolfgang Meyer, President, Internation Association of Public Transport (UITP), "The Future of Transit in Pennsylvania in Light of Global Perspectives", April 4, 2005

  • Wolfgang Meyer, President, Internation Association of Public Transport (UITP), "The Worldwide Success of Light Rail Concepts", April 4, 2005



The University of Pennsylvania Transportation Systems Engineering (TSE) program was founded in 1967 by Dr. Vukan R. Vuchic (pictured right). In May 1997 a cooperative effort among alumni, faculty, and administrators culminated in the first ever Reunion and 30 Year Commemoration of the Transportation System Engineering and Logistics Program at Penn. Following the TSE 30 Reunion, Dr. Vuchic and several alumni formed the Transportation Systems Engineering Alumni Club (TSEAC). TSEAC exists to develop and maintain a strong network of alumni from the University of Pennsylvania's Transportation Systems Engineering Program. TSEAC strives to establish contacts between TSE alumni, perpetuate the alumni network, advance the TSE program at Penn, and promote alumni profesional development. More recently, the 35 year commemoration (TSE35) was held.

TSEAC officers are:

Matthew B. Malozi, Chairperson
Robert M. Wright, Vice-Chairperson
Scott H. Brady, Secretary / Treasurer
Dr. Sinya Kikuchi, Member-at-Large
Dr. Vukan R. Vuchic, University Liaison

For a copy of the TSEAC Newsletter, contact any TSEAC officer.


  • William Penn Foundation sponsored conference on Innovative Transportation Improvements in Communities in the Philadelphia Region; 25 September 1998.

Other Events

Field Trips

Field trips for transportation majors include visits to SEPTA and PATCO facilities and lines, the Philadelphia International Airport, PennDOT Highway Department and other installations.

A special biannual one-day trip is organized for the students with some faculty and students from the University of Delaware and other institutions. Starting at 7 am from Philadelphia by SEPTA and NJT Regional Rail lines to Newark’s Pennsylvania Station, the group is given a tour of the station, bus terminal and City Subway, with explanations by NJT officials. From there, PATH trains take the group to the Harrison Yard and the Hoban Control Center at Journal Square. The group then takes PATH to Jersey City and NJT's Hudson-Bergen light rail line to Hoboken, where lunch is provided. After a visit to the NJT Regional Rail Control Center, lunch and picture taking with the Manhattan skyline, a ferryboat or PATH carries the group to the World Trade Center. From the WTC, subway express is used to reach 207th Street Maintenance Shop of NYCTA, the second largest shop in the 6,000 car Subway system. Following that tour, another subway line is taken to the Port Authority Terminal at 42nd Street, one of two largest bus terminals in the world (competing with Haifa). The director and officials of the Terminal give explanations and a guided tour during the Friday afternoon peak hour. After a 10-min walk, transportation students and professors board the NJT train to Trenton, then the NJT River Line regional light rail line to Camden, where they have the option of either taking PATCO or an NJT bus back to Center City Philadelphia. SEPTA's Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated line is then taken back to University City, arriving after 9 pm.

National and International Contacts