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People in the Urban Transportation Systems Group


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Graduate Students:

  • James Aslaksen
  • Huafang Cui
  • Nathan Maack
  • Christopher Puchalsky
  • Mario Semmler
  • Sammuel Starr
  • Gregory Walker

Awards and Awardees

George Krambles Transit Foundation Scholarship Award

The George Krambles Transit Scholarship Fund Awards are given for the purpose of encouraging students to develop professional capability for future careers in the transit industry. The aim of the Scholarship Fund is to assure that aid will go to those students with a genuine interest in careers in transit or closely related areas. This award is given nationally to about four students each year. Past recepients from the University of Pennsylvania:

1983: Mark Ahlheim
1986: Dejan Jovanovic
1987: Vincent Patterson
1988: Lazar Spasovic
1989: Eric Christian Bruun
1990: David Stiff
1991: Daniel Roth
1992: Yong Eun Shin
1993: Nikola Krstanoski
1994: Young-Jae Lee
1995: Nikola Krstanoski
1996: Clayton Lane
1997: Young-Jae Lee
1998: Mario Semmler
1999-2001: Jeffrey M. Casello
2004: Christopher Puchalsky

Richard K. Dentel Memorial Prize in Urban Transportation

This prize was established by Mrs. Martha Clark-Dentel in memory of her husband, Richard K. Dentel, a former student in the Department of Civil Engineering. It is awarded annually to a student in the Department of Systems Engineering who has had the best overall performance at the University of Pennsylvania in the area of urban transportation.

1975: Frederick Brian Day
1976: John Andrew Warner III
1977: George F. List
1978: M. Suleiman Hessami
1980: Joel Alan Gottfried
1981: Thor Haatveit
1983: Mizuo Kishita
1984: Mark Ahlheim
1985: David Schoendorfer
1986: Dejan Jovanovic
1987: Eduardo Calvo
1989: Qin Zhou
1990: Eric Christian Bruun
1991: Daniel Leonard Roth
1992: David M. Freidenfeld
1993: Nikola Krstanoski
1994: Edwin Reese Kraft
1995: Laura Blackman & Mary O'Hagin
1996: Glenn Standifer
1997: Young-Jae Lee
1998: Mario Semmler
1999: Jeffrey M. Casello
2000: Herbert Chan & Christopher Wallgren
2001: Joshua Seeherman & Thomas Valentin
2004: Christopher Puchalsky

Vukan R. Vuchic Scholarship in Transportation Engineering

This scholarship was established in 2004 through the efforts of the Transportation Systems Engineering Alumni Club (TSEAC) to create an endowed scholarship in honor of the founder of the Transportation Systems Engineering program at Penn, Dr. Vukan R. Vuchic. It is awarded annually to a student selected by the TSEAC officers.

2004: James Aslaksen
2005: David Kriesman