Illustrator, Photoshop, Keynote,
Design in Browser, Prezi


Aesthetics, Social Thought,
Literary Theory, Ethics of Technology


Ruby on Rails, Java, C/C++,
HTML, Haml, CSS, Sass, jQuery

My most recent project is CreativePPL.

CreativePPL is a careers platform geared towards web and mobile professionals in Thailand, set to launch this Fall. I worked on this project this summer as an intern at MAQE in Bangkok. Over the span of ten weeks, we conducted market research, developed wireframes and a proof of concept. The web application is built in Ruby on Rails.

Design Works

Identity Type Logos

A series of typographic experiments

Augmented Reality Spread

A mock spread created with Layar Creator

Stories and Places

An exhibition for Luang Prabang Film Festival

Cambridge Thai Night

Tickets, poster and menu for a cultural event

Olympics Infographics

Summer Olympics from 1984 to present

Siam Dermatik's Clinic

Visual media for a dermatology clinic

Philosophical Essays

Kitsch and its Vicissitudes

We tend to look down on kitsch. But what exactly is so bad about it? In this essay, I provide a philosophical journey through various aspects of kitsch.

Art and the Absurd

Life is often regarded as "prior" to art in the sense that life structures and determines how one creates art. In this essay, I challenge this notion.

Programming Projects


A text-based resource management game

Virtual Librarian

Console-based library system


A chatterbot that knows Shakespeare

Monty Java

A new take on Snake

Many HashMaps

A hashtable exercise with linked lists and trees

C Compiler

From C to assembly