Dr. Weimer
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University of Pennsylvania

  • Office: Levine Hall, Rm 160
  • Phone: 215-573-0309
  • Fax: 215-898-8543
  • Email: weimerj@seas.upenn.edu
  • Postal: 3330 Walnut Street
  •   Levine Hall Room 160
  •   Philadelphia, PA 19104

  • Curriculum Vitae:
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    I am a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I am a member of the PRECISE Center. My research broadly concerns the design, analysis, and security of Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (MCPS) and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Specifically, I develop foundations that address challenges arising from the intersection of data science, embedded systems, cyber-security and healthcare. I am involved in several medical technology projects and lead the Medical Device Club at Penn.

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