About Us

WICS was officially started in the spring semester of 2003. The idea came from the Penn Mentoring Group, which since the fall semester of 2002 had started to have mentoring groups exclusively for women taking computer science subjects. When the two mentors in charge of those groups, Marria Nazif and Radhika Gupta realized the success and necessity of those groups, they also realized that many of the women studying computer science might have had some of the same problems that faced those in their groups. After discussing the idea with several other students and faculty, the decision to begin WICS was taken. In the spring of 2003, the 5 founding members met and decided on a strategy to create an interest in the club by having a social at a popular campus hangout. After this initial success, it was apparent that WICS was here to stay.

Women in Computer Science @ University of Pennsylvania aims to:

  1. Support and promote women in computer science by:
    1. Raising awareness about the issues they face
    2. Fostering communication
    3. Creating a sense of community
  2. Help and encourage women to pursue a college degree and successful career in a computer related field