Ye Ye XU, Ph.D.

* I recently moved to ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research, located in Clinton, NJ, as a Research Scientist. 
I can be reached at

Rhodia/LRSM Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM)

University of Pennsylvania
3231 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6396
Phone: (215) 573-7775
email: yexu (at)

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

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  Research Interests
          1. Mechanical heterogeniety in soft complex materials
          2. Adhesion and friction at soft interfaces
          3. Mechanical failure in disordered packing of soft colloidal particles
          4. Multifunctional nanowire/polymer composites
          5. Mechanics of drying-induced fracture

          Yale University
, New Haven, CT, USA
                       Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Science, 05/2012
                        M.Phil., Mechanical Engineering, 12/2009
                        M.S., Mechanical Engineering, 12/2007

            Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China
                        M.S., Materials Science, 03/2006
                        B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, 06/2003



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- selected as Editor's Suggestions

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Soft Matter 10 (23), 4047-4055 (2014)
- Example data and MATLAB code demonstrating how to calculate traction forces from displacement measurements at the surface of a substrate.

[11]  A. Basu, Y. Xu,* T. Still, P. E. Arratia, Z. Zhang, K. N. Nordstrom, J. M. Rieser, J. P. Gollub, D. J. Durian, and A. G. Yodh;
Rheology of Soft Colloids Across the Onset of Rigidity: Scaling Behavior, Thermal, and Non-thermal Responses
Soft Matter
10 (17), 3027-3035 (2014).
*I am the co-first-author and the corresponding author

[10]  Y. Xu, G. K. German, A. F. Mertz, and E. R. Dufresne;
Imaging Stress and Strain in the Fracture of Drying Colloidal Films
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- highlighed on the Soft Matter blog

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- selected as Editor’s Suggestions

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Physical Review Letters
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- selected as Editor’s Suggestions
- featured in Physics Today

[6]  Y. Xu, W. C. Engl, E. R. Jerison, K. J. Wallenstein, C. Hyland, L. A. Wilen, and E. R. Dufresne;
Imaging in-plane and normal stresses near an interface crack using traction force microscopy
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America 107, 14964-14967 (2010).
- featured in Yale Press Release, and Yale Scientific Magazine

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Crystallization of Amorphous NiTiCu Thin Films
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 480, L13-L16 (2009).

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TFM review
Basu et al. Soft Matter 2014Imaging Stress and Strain in the Fracture of Drying Colloidal Filmsskincolonycontact linetfm

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